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Yuri Khaschevatsky said "Freedom" that he is going to soon open its film school and recruit students into it. Because he looked the movie "Network" with a desire to do for future students some useful conclusions as to do or how to do a documentary. But such conclusions are not many:

Create memories: he is cunning, prevaricate, opened in the viewer’s eyes does not look

"I can tell them, that’s note — leading not look into the frame, constantly turns his eyes to the side. Immediately formed impression that he is cunning, prevaricate, opened in the viewer’s eyes looks. Could show interview in which interlocutors in principle understand that on What they say … This home video of guys who still have not learned anything. "
With regard to the total film "Grid", then Khaschevatsky rate this movie as unconvincing:
"My first recollection of it was like a zombie, you know, like taking a dead man and forced him to move his arms and legs. Also in this movie. Outside if everything is in order: the young person, effects, some rhythm and music but in fact it is a figment of imagination of sick people. "
Khaschevatsky the midst of the rest, I saw that in the movie acted many opposition deputies of Ukraine:

It’s like a zombie … take the dead man and forced him to move his arms and legs

"It turns out that South American funds did the Orange Revolution, that these people could sit and watered their power. That’s really raschudesnye achievement. "
By Yuri Khaschevatsky views, is one example of that in the movie there is no logic that the work made maloprofessionalno:
"Generally it is not a movie, open a discussion as the movie is unrealistic, a transfer made in klipovoy current regime, there is not brought the most sophisticated effects vykadrovki, enlargement, but must be removed pop. I think that this is pop, pop propaganda."
Yuri Khaschevatsky draws attention to the fact that the movie show immediately with translations Euro football championship. So makarom, and time display is selected unsuccessfully, not enough who will have a look.
"People power such transfers in the main tune themselves to the perception of what’s happening. This film, as I think, for domestic propaganda, they want to assure themselves that they are acting correctly. Such a film of ordinary people will not look. Will look similar program from only two types of people: the first — those who are interested in politics and try to realize what was happening. But this programm them can not act because they all realized a long time ago. Another type of people who stare it — is hidden schizophrenics who are curious, that frighten them, showed any fear that the terms of some enemies and spiders creep. "

As brought over 15 years category completely unscrupulous young people

Movie "Network" called Yuri Khaschavatski and one stern question public values:
"I brought in the 15 years category completely unscrupulous young people who are it mattersout in what their incubator to grow? "
Introduction of special services and illegally images recorded phone debate on which is built a significant part of this movie, in a conventional documentary excluded, — said Yuri Khaschevatsky.
"They have no such right, people can apply to the court and win this tribunal, it is ethical profession, it’s the same repressive and illegal moves that uses our power in relation to the ordinary people who are constantly faced with lawlessness."
Yuri Khaschevatsky not going to look the next series of "web", he says that for him in this movie is clear. Especially since there is not a bad nominee — European football championship.

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