Nicholas Senka (1924-2008)

Strannopriimets house Nicholas Senka on Penn Road in London knew many Belarusians who have been in the capital of England. Writer knows Vladimir Orlov:

"Nikolai Senka was for me that a representative of the Belarusian diaspora, which, despite the rare meetings and the vast difference in years and actual experience, I almost immediately developed friendly relations. This contributed to our recognizable writer Kastus Shark, who introduced me to his former comrade-in-arms, with which he studied at the school boundary commanders Belorussian defense later defected to the side of the French partisans who fought the war with the Nazis to the Apennines.
Senka, incidentally, was well acquainted with the character of the Belarusian postwar resistance Yankoy Filistovich.

Tsar Nicholas was among those who as settling the lives of our emigrants in England. Its perfectly knew the Belarusian peninsula in English near Finch, where is located the library and the Museum Skarina also Belarusian Uniate Church of Saints Peter and Paul. "
Chairman of the Association of Belarusians England Lelia Mikhalyuk Senka says about Nicholas as a friend, who for more than sixty years of self-exile never forgot that he — Belarusian.
"We worked together. He went to the management of our organization and its members was feet. Belarusians man was really from the outset and sacrificial Belarusians, wherever he was, wherever he worked, he was everywhere and always on his own place."
During the years of independence of Belarus Nikolai Senka couple of times coming home — visiting Stavpechchynu native, participated in the first and second congresses Belarusians of the World, which took place in Minsk in the 90s. Vladimir Orlov says:

Nicholas was a very sensitive man. Receiving announcements from Belarus, he often could not hold back her tears. First 90 it’s were tears of joy, and later — the tears of bitterness and unrest

"Nicholas was a very sensitive man. Receiving announcements from Belarus, he often could not hold back her tears. First 90s they were tears of joy, and later — the bitterness of tears and excitement. But Nicholas was not only sensual, and practical connection with the homeland . He always considered it his duty support Belarusian organizations and centers was unchanged subscriber newspapers "Nasha Niva" and "our words."
Nicholas Senka very lucky in the fact that next to him at the end of life was wife Lena — Reliable friend, collaborator, the same sacrificial brave, confident in the European future of the fatherland. Venison on hand and he walked into the heavenly Belarus ".
Farewell to Nicholas Senka and burial will take place in London later this week. Precise date is not yet known.

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