No one control center of the ideological work

Mihalevitch: "Belarusian society is divided into three parts. First — those who believe in such films and believe that the opposition is against the Belarusian people, the second part is to never believe and their films are, in principle, no effects, and the third — who do not yet know whom they support, have not decided who to vote for. Oh and such people, even if They include the case of BT, a small impact this will have.
I like the politician quite often during election campaigns heard such questions — "either you are financing the U.S.? Either you sell the West?" And this is the result of such propaganda, which is not very effective, but — water wears away the stone, and even making some such films effect. "
Tsigankov: "Taking into account of the incident, which appeared in this movie — football, summer — can you say that in the Belarusian leadership is no single strategy on advocacy action? Some apparently believe that such films should be given or not every day, while others believe that such films should not put in the same time as football, so nobody beheld? "
Mihalevitch: "I am sure that there is no single center from which controlled the ideological work. It’s different people, each for himself doing something — no strong center which keeps control over all. Because such films can show and summer, when it is not a huge propaganda value. Like a movie filmed, so they did and show "

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