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Now some calls dedicated centralized testing.
"I believe that the tests are not sophisticated of the reason that they say, as if they were difficult for students, and, apparently, since we do not have enough working people. Only in the construction of Minsk lacks about 4 thousand workers. Maybe that the reason? "
"Only just listened to information on testing of applicants that they showed insufficient knowledge. But it is unclear why the organizers of the test questions trap? Appropriate that the questions were within the boundaries of applets. No need to convert to a single examination entertaining quiz."

All tests are compiled in accordance with school programm

Why the tests were very complex? Employee responds to the question of the Republican Institute for the Control of knowledge:
"Complexity — a relative term. If entrant excellent knowledge — he gets 100 points, if a bit weaker — 99 and below. This competition is ranking students is opening campaign."
Reporter: "And why were questions trap questions that were not in the school program there?"
"No question there was no trap. All tests are written in accordance with the school programm. Questions traps not. If applicants make claims about the inconsistencies with the programs, we immediately say this page textbook itself. There have been harder on the budget. Others remain. .. "
Continuing program from "Calls to freedom." Follow Up — to select a site for the construction of nuclear power plants.
"Lukashenko fussing with the construction of the second Chernobyl and customize their own incarnation of scientists adventures. Those unwilling to take responsibility in the definition of the construction site."
This call listener commented assistant chairman of the Presidium of the State Academy Alexander Zaborowski:
"There is a position not only to scientists, and the position of the ad hoc working groups to consider all factors that may affect the placement of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. A comparative analysis, there is a hierarchy, there are pros and cons sites. The study itself, taking into account all of these reasons will be announced after the meeting of the Commission Council of Ministers. Head of the Commission — Vice-Premier Vladimir Ilyich Semashko. And whereupon would have imposed a certain verdict. The final decision will take the Security Council. "
It is understood that a decision on the siting of a nuclear power plant will be accepted until the end this year.
Program from continuing. Listeners "Freedom" concerned about the fate Belarusian language, new rules of spelling. It is understood that the new law will come into force in September 2010:
"There was a brand new threat on our tongue! Those who hate it and do not speak it, change the spelling and punctuation. Experienced Russian Worker Ants, nicknamed" hangman ", read:" What did the bayonet with the Belarusian language, then finish it feather. "Here and destroy our language pen. So hunt them say the words Kupala" What you hunt for, gentlemen? Who called you forced to blow the whistle on the language you spoke Belarusian? "Misha Karpilovka from the village."
Up on the listener responds linguist Dmitry Scoop:
"Delhi concern sovereign Misha from the village Karpilovka. Configuration But not so significant, they still only affect the scope of spelling. Illiterate people, confess and do not see these configurations. Essentially, the debate about changing the vocabulary, grammar change is not conducted. I think it unnecessary for us an occasion when we can not change the situation, think about the fact that language is not only of spelling, and other levels, and focus specifically on them. eternal Use Belarusian words, less Russianisms grammar less Russianisms in leksytsy. So we’ll save your own language. "

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