Nothing new will be worse than it was …

Victor Volodoschuk, Editor of "Newspapers Slonim" states that in a subsequent issue devotes several pages topic. On a brand new law will be read by lawyers and journalists. His concern is for the moment — to find space for their own editorial and subsequent release number.
Yet ask how the new law affects the existence of "Newspapers Slonim"?
Volodoschuk"If the authorities want to close the newspaper, they do it without asking anyone. Incidentally, it can be done with the present law lacks leverage over the media. Naturally, the new law will allow more to control the media, but, in my opinion , new things they did not invent it. Just be worse than it was. "
Igor Bantser, editor of the "Polish Shop", which is published in Poland friends unrecognized by the Belarusian authorities Union of Poles, very pessimistic states that expect-independent journalists in Belarus.
Bantser"All journalists who are not able to re-register, receive official accreditation, would get on the paws, as they say. This small group-independent journalists, which still exists in Belarus, is reduced to a small number of people, unfortunately. Here is my prediction."
Stanislav Sudnik, republican newspaper editor Belarusian Language Society "Our Word", which comes in Lida, also quite skeptical about the future of the law "On mass disk imaging."
Sudnik"They can take at least some law, but it was enough and steps to close unnecessary edition. But nothing and close. How does this law affect us? Who knows. Pass some time, we see the difficulties begin to appear in his practical application. And I especially do not see anything. On the one hand — as a relief that it is not necessary to coordinate with the local authorities the address legal wording on the other hand — as the law of the drawbar. And there is in fact … I’m can not see anything, because of what it would be necessary to panic. True, and especially some panic. "
Let me remind you that the development of the new law started in 2003, the work on it has always conducted behind closed doors, without public debate in society. According to preliminary data, the House of Representatives is considering a bill to the media on June 17. Tags: media, law

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