Now — the day of birth of Vasil Bykov

Vladimir Domashevich was editor of the first 2-books Bykov. "Crane’s cry" and "third missile" into the hands of a man who saw a creator extraordinary talent anddid everything likely to hold books through censorship slingshot. This understanding is left for life and resulted in a sincere friendship.
That piece of writing to Vladimir Bykov Domashevicha, dated 18th May 1965:
"Vladimir Maksimovic, my dear man! Just read in the "youth" your article and was touched. Great for you to thank you for your attention and kind care. I always remember and never forget what you did for me in the beginning of my literary career … "
This letter concerns the reasoning Vladimir Domashevicha story about Vasily Bykov "Last fighter." Domashevich was not only the first editor of books Bykov, and an active promoter of his work, the ratio of which, according to scholar Dr. Michas Tychina, divide the country into two parts:
"Remembering is created such that there Belarus bulls that we can not imagine without it, but there is no Bykov Belarus, where the Bulls stranger, understood, accepted. And these two are like Belarus constantly parallel. And what to do in this case? Surely, we can find answers and search near the Vasil Bykov. Naturally, he usually raise their own characters into two groups, the typical column. This type of person, the type of Belarusian who thinks about that day, and the type of Belarusian who thinks about something more . "
Michas Tychina was the originator dvanatstsatsitomavaga collected works of Vasil Bykov, the publication of which a couple of years reverse the state publishing house announced the "Fiction", but later refused without explanation circumstances do it. Currently Belarusian Writers Alliance provides chatyrnatstsatsitomavy Works (already published six volumes), which was declared complete. But archive Bykov opens new previously unknown his works, not to mention the epistolary heritage, which, according to the publishers can muster into three volumes. By the way, is about to be released in book form correspondence with Gregory Vasil Bykov Baradulin. Tags: Bulls, reverence, memory, year, a day or 84, birth, with

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