O.Kozulina Pope sent a telegram spit Lyaukovich

Companions of the sovereign Kozulin dubbed this intraparty coup and immoral political step.
Member of the faction "for inner-Party democracy" that exists in the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada), the last lawyer Alexander Kozulin Igor Rynkevich Freedom said that yesterday in the party coup:
"After all, Congress was prepared as a technical dedicated parliamentary elections. Until recently, no one knew that staffing issues will be raised. What happened is, of course, betrayed by Lyaukovich, Fungus and Sidorevich. It directed the show which took place on August 3. Now all get accustomed to the ears Lyaukovich. His works in unison with the government against Kozulin practically can give a chance to get the deputy chair chamber number 4. We slipped into political pigmeyav, and at the moment the party understand marginalization. We are not to Lyaukovich joined the party and will strive even in complex factional activities within resist this political adventurism, inhumane approach to colleagues. "
Olga Kozulin Pope sent a telegram, and will soon be known for its political assessment. She said that Congress was completely orchestrated and staffing configuration aferay she called:
"The fact that he was elected chairman of the notable — it’s like a slap. Lewkowicz And did it intentionally to use the name Kozulin. Afera It’s just that nobody will bring no good. Again did PR Kozulin and Lewkowicz just destroyed himself as a political figure. Authorities on Currently everything is done to reduce Kozulin and its rating because the ratings Kozulin grow inexorably. Lewkowicz and played into the hands of the authorities. ‘Cause I would not be surprised if he gets into parliament as a reward for being such a cranked aferu. "
Lord Alexei also stated that a negative attitude towards removing Kozulin as chairman, and rated it as immoral political step:
"These are not allowed none of the parties in the history, if reelected favorite when he is in the bullpen, with is after such courageous actions and courageous behavior there. For the party it means the total discrediting of this decision. This, in essence, is a typical response to Lukashenko’s words, which read that the opposition itself is unwilling to Kozulin out and asked me not to release it. Now we can say that this Lewkowicz, Sidorevich, Antashkevich, and, it seems, Mieczyslaw Mushroom. "
Lord Alexei considers that staff does not affect the configuration authority Kozulin and his future:
"After all this authority mined struggle behavior, based on a rigid moral attitudes and mores. Think that his release later change the situation in the party. And the circle those people, that support in the party and outside the party, will give him the opportunity to be an influential figure in politics, and he is at the moment.
Those parties in the present and in history, favorites of which were sitting in the slammer, became the banner of resistance. And that did not do the Belarusian Social-Democratic Party, it just characterizes the overall process of marginalization of the party under pressure from an authoritarian regime and under the pressure of events. "
But Mieczyslaw Mushroom believes that the party nothing extraordinary happened, because the party at any time of its own shall have the right to change the manager.
"Everything went democratic. It seems necessary to conduct about why Kozulin has such a small score for the party. Forcing adore the one who does not love people, nobody will force. Pratsavats.Srazu party will we have real-chairman, who is here and who can manage. "
Meanwhile Young Front expressed solidarity with the former presidential candidate Alyaksandr Kozulin. He pleaded not Lyaukovich Anatolia as chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk).

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