Obama is presidential

Senator Barack Obama announced his own victory over rival Hillary Clinton party. On present day Obama secured the support of the desired number of delegates to the Congress of the Democratic Party, which in August and will be nominated by the Democratic candidate for a role in today’s presidential elections.
Barack Obama’s victory completes the 16-month tense and unpredictable campaign, during which the little-known, young senator, speaking with a proposal of change, grew up in a charismatic public favorite.
Speaking now in Minesotse NIGHT MODE, in the town of St. Paul, Obama declared his own victory in the competition with the former first lady United States:
"This is our time. Our time to turn the page of the past policy. Our time to answer the latest energy and new ideas to the challenges we face. Our time to offer a new direction for our beloved country."
16 months back the political commentators have argued exactly that presidential candidate the Democratic Party in the election of 2008 will be Hillary Clinton. With a healthy advantage she led in the polls — were harsh for her political connections and financial resources. Obama then was characterized as a figure in his youth, quite unsophisticated. Many had read and that dark politician fails to win the primaries.
But thanks to its elektryzuyuchym speech that inspired millions of voters first Young people, thanks brilliantly conducted campaign and donations from ordinary tyscham Yankees, Barack Obama became a political phenomenon.
NIGHT MODE Now Hillary Clinton congratulated him, but for all that refused to leave until the race. Negotiations are expected to know the time will answer the question, what role may be offered Hillary Clinton to urge her to withdraw from the struggle for the role presidential candidate and support Obama. Ahead — a gentle political maneuvering. Democrats understand that the party can not be broken unless expects defeat in the election in November, Republican candidate John McCain.
Commentators point out that McCain, an experienced senator, a hero of the Vietnam War, almost all will be more severe for Obama opponent than Hillary Clinton. Primaries assured that Obama has to do much more to gain in popularity with many voters — first ladies and working people. Tags: primaries, Clinton, Obama, McCain

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