ODIHR observers can lead salting Ahrens

Specifically, his name is mentioned on the sidelines of an international conference in the election, which ends today in Vienna.
Salting Gert Heinrich Ahrens already has experience in Belarus. Specifically, he headed goal ODIHR observers, who worked on presidential elections in 2006. Then the mission of the Bureau concluded that the election did not meet OSCE standards.
Ministry Foreign Affairs Belarus has already sent an official invitation to ODIHR observers to come to Belarus. According to the chairman of the CEC Lydia Yermoshina, international observers appear in Minsk on August 11-12. Incidentally, the very Lidia Yermoshina could not go to a conference in Vienna, as comes in the list of persons banned check in EU countries. Instead because it participates in international conferences employee CEC Nadezhda Kiseleva.

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