Old Vasilishki

Here in 1939 was born the man who became, without exaggeration, a cult figure of the Polish rock scene. Czeslaw Vidrzhitski. More recognizable as a singer Czeslaw Niemen.

House Vidrzhitski large frame two-family of rotten roof, is on view at once. Attached a wreath on the door of meadow flowers. Vidrzhitski neighbor, 70-year-old Anna, is not surprised guest.

Reporter: "Can you remember Czeslaw Vidrzhitski, such a singer?"
Anna: "Why do not we remember? Grown here. Remember. Vspaminatstsa What? Truant from school. Would not you teshilis, that came from your village to the international arena?"
Karespanent: "He once stood in the midst of students?"
Anna: "Naturally, adlichavsya. Adlichavsya that he had the makings already. Sing, invent something. Sang and other teaching. Even we sang him what we did not know what we sing. Neapalitanskiya sorts. What he invent, then sang. What you can think of. And we followed him like a monkey. "
Reporter: "And often for you to come?"
Anna: "endlessly. How died, then many of these correspondents was. So much interested in it. They say that will make museum in the house. But insist more Poles than ours. Here our people are not much. All were dead. Empty houses. A few houses do not have any. "
But the main feature of the old Vasilishek Mrs. Anna believes not own classmate Vidrzhitski and neagatychny Church of Peter and Paul, tall spiers which dominate districts.
Anna: "Save the church. And the church itself, if you do not beheld, I would have said, stay in this church. Whoever you are. Orthodox, Catholic. And being here and not go, I would, for example, and not would go. in this church as pobudet, then tell the truth is the grandmother read. If we have this church was not, that would be a Ditch. Whoever walks in the church, he is not like all the people. "
Reporter: "And how is it different?"
Anna: "Different. Everyone. Behavior and culture is different, and the soul is different. And if laid with youth it had been, until the last Minutka will be different."
Vidrzhitski another neighbor, Mrs. Janina loved to listen to him on the Polish radio.

Reporter: "And what was this man?"
Ioannina: "This is gold, he had four or five years, they had a piano, and he began to play. And very badabout singing. At school they had such an ensemble were driving. Well, as already left, then left. Communists called him all kinds. He was there not sweet. "
Reporter: "In Poland?"
Ioannina: "Yes. A youth flew him to the stream head."
A present in the old Vasilishki belarushchyna though? Could the young musician to take the path Mulyavin? How should an old response of Ioannina, there was virtually no chance.
Ioannina: "This village is all the Poles were. And his ancestors always read as so common language. Not Russian, and such ordinary, as I say. And the children had read in Polish. We are very tormented life, or we Poles or we are, God knows. "
And that still sang young Pole for the Soul?
Ioannina: "And what he sang? Bardo He sang a nice song. Wait, like this … (Singing) Adnazvuchna rattles and bells road from la la … this singing. Later still, wait. Ramble fate cursed navstrechu Rodimaya mom … "
Around the church live two friends, Teresa and Danuta. Old happy and chatty.


Teresa: "He was such these with your friends … It was clear that he has something wrong. It was such an artist. Czeslaw Niemen took all youth. Where any concert, all the young people there."
In time, when our church Poles were leaving en masse to the Polish West of Poland and want my interlocutors. But let not all.
Teresa: "Go. Lot We were later denied. Impossible. Penalize fools here. And who will be on them to do?"

Danuta "Lukashenko’s so when I arrived."
Reporter: "And what is it for you?"
Danuta: "We’ll talk to him. He Artist".
Teresa: "Lovely says. Only act on stage."
Reporter: "Are you listening?"
Danuta: "It is interesting to listen to, because very cleverly says. Pensions added, removed."
Reporter: "And if I come, what would you uttered?"
Danuta "would find the conversation. Let us return deposits earlier. Calves raised, passed. And only purchased what? Great for contributions were compensated. Motor and a well.’s All. He stated:" When I am, I’ll do it but all right. "I love to hear how he lies. As you Pugachyhu or Kirkorov."
Teresa: "But why him and his wife did not show? All presidents and their spouses. Where’s his wife?"
Danuta "Tell Lukashenko, people sulk in Vasilishki. Took everything. So what? People remained at zero. But he promised the people. Thinks that we do not remember? Everyone has heard perfectly. And who respects these farmers? They think that the farmer — it fool. We do not durachiny. NOT durachiny. "

Peter and Paul Church is really worthy to only for him to come to the old Vasilishki. If suddenly the priest is away, to find an old Thomas — who, like St. Peter, patron temple keys. Old Thomas open for you a sanctuary where rare grandeur interior Russian time did not hurt.
Foto Vasilishki8
Although plans to district authorities was done kolkhoz garage here, but the locals prevented these plans, ababivayuchy thresholds Minsk and metropolitan offices. For Western Belarus frequent practice. But I was most amazed not luxurious stained glass, not secured altar painting is not catchy.
A plate at the base of the temple. It can be seen that each of the plates were once carved bukovkoy surnames. But they’re all wearing the white-plastered substance, not to read.
Thomas: "Everyone who gave money, his name is written there. Who did the victim."
Reporter: "Why is it … Who is jammed?"
Thomas: "overwrite and can not scrub. No means no. Come from Grodno specialists".
Reporter: "And if it is jammed? For advice?"
Thomas: "When the revelation was. In 1905."
The answer stunned. This story is about apateozu flattery. It turns out that in 1905, after the first Russian Revolution, when the authorities gave permission for the construction of a general non-Orthodox churches here in the middle of the old Vasilishki investors have forgotten to knock out the main name. Emperor Nicholas Romanov. And the local authorities, which, as we see, and then noted conscience and reason, gave orders to kill all the names of sponsors, which was a few hundred. A wall to attach only one sign. With naming pamazannika God. This plate is now emblazoned on the apse.
Thomas: "Nikolai second. Why not write it first? Understated Nicholas. Both Putin or our Lukashenko. But see? Nikolai second."
Rumors that soon will come Vasilishki Lukashenko himself, long stroll. This is one of those beloved local seniors. Two gentlemen, one with an 60, another under 80, discussions are likely the first of
ficial visit of a person. But at the end of the conversation give good maxims. Which wishessmiling in the frame to take.

Old: "And what did he come? He is also chairman of the collective farm itself was like this. And he, too, vodka … And maybe a couple of bags of flour, which where sold. "
Reporter: "And if he came to you that he uttered?"
The old man, "I said, that a year later they were selected. They’d better be able to."
Man: "And then for 20 years."
Old: "His term ends. Brother, again go to the full. Great new purchase and go. Again will be" golden mountains " as read. Without accessories will be nothing. Without affiliation NO capital and without capital there is no life. "

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