On Basowiszcza overpowered Grodno musicians

Second day of the festival began with a group of Mogilev "sharpening". Mogilev played in beach suits, what to This time neither did the team. Then there were the Polish "Gate", Minsk "Rahis", "Schody" of Michałowo, Minsk "Sok" and "Rima" from the City. By the way, after the performance of the Minsk Group of the many interested spectators where to purchase their CDs. After 21 hours of jury announced winners. The first group was recognized Grodno, TLUSTA LUSTA who received the main prize — a free recording of the album on the radio Bialystok. SPITAL / F Minsk took second place and the third was a group Glitches
I recall that just a competition participated 6 groups. Another three members, according to festival organizers disk imaging, and did not reach the city because of problems with visas.
But more catchy and memorable performance in today was the release of a very popular band here "Neuro Dubel". Gathered several thousand spectators, and all pustsilisya dancing.
In general, the atmosphere in the tract Borak that near the town in the district of Bialystok, in a day or two of these reigned raschudesnye: everywhere sounded Byelorussian, youth danced with a white-red-white flags, even Polish bands from the scene shouting "Long live Belarus!"
I recall that the festival programm hundred percent broadcast live TV and Radio The radio BelSat.

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