On Gorodenschinu — Polish

This "Rocznik grodzienski" or "Grodno Yearbook" in it about two hundred pages.
Revision puts ahead of itself puzzle reflect the history of the Grodno region and eyes of Poles and Belarusians eyes. At the same time, avoid heavy issues in mutual relations. What topics, what questions refers to? I asked to speak on this head editor Wojciech Shevchaka.
Shevchak: "At this point, I was even hard to say this exactly, since I only two years in Belarus. And it’s not such a great time to find out all These themes, so more than that Topics of languid absolutely no mention. Hard before they would get heavily affect them in any environment. Perhaps such a weighty topic is September 17, 1939. But such themes I think, much more. "

Tags: poland, belarus

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