One day political prisoner Vyacheslav Siuchyk

Now oppositionist political prisoner with experience, went to jail for 10 days. To his landings seems to have all used, as well as to meet him when he comes out of the bullpen gate. Again met Vyacheslav associates, friends, family. On his head wearing a wreath of cornflowers.
He never considered himself a victim

How many times found himself behind bars, Vyacheslav no longer remembers. States that did not count because:
"I never considered myself a victim. I realized that just am a representative of the Belarusian national liberation movement. Incarnation in itself become a victim is simply unrealistic."
For almost 20 years wasand many clashes with police and special forces, courts and prisons that Siuchyk relaxed learned to accept and endures heresy, injustice and violence.
Siuchyk: "In this situation, you just need to be aware of what is happening around. Then all will be easy and simple. Our civilization is now, unfortunately, lives in these criteria that we in the midst of the favorites in the world in the number of prisoners per capita. & 2 — Second point — you need to know the history of the Belarusian national liberation movement. Since Belarusians in the 20th century shot, killed, tortured, deported millions. "
"The hunger strike was successful. Then I won Lukashenko"

With Oleg TroussovSpring 1996 was really hot. Belarusian capital rocked two massive opposition protests — day of Will and Chernobyl Way. A criminal case against the company for BPF riots. Specifically in the case and was arrested Siuchyk as one of the control edge (he then was executive secretary of the BPF). In the bullpen, he appointed a hunger strike, he says, in order to more than five thousand registered legal organization BPF activists have not been put in jail on the same charges. 21-day hunger strike endured very difficult, because in addition suffered from insomnia. He was released after three days in intensive care:
"The hunger strike was successful. Then I won Lukashenko. He had to let me go, because I know that I will not be willing to release. And well, I did not have to ask anyone, nor whom to contact to get me fired. Since I was released as feared, that I was there more. "
That prosecutor’s office suspended the criminal case, but give Sivchikov paper with a message about it could not, because the Minsk police were looking for him as organizer shares Minsk Spring 1997.
In the political struggle he pragmatist

Vyacheslav path of struggle for national Siuchyk government actually began even the Communists with the creation of support groups in the Belarusian Popular Front geological expedition production association "Belarusgealegiya." Not very willing to do this, as it was very busy working. Rejection of communism and the dream of the state government defeated.
National values have always been recognized in the family Vyacheslav, and he always felt a Belarusian. Maybe since childhood outside Belarus, the Caucasus, where, unlike Belarus, multilingualism and shmatetnichnasts were reality. As a man Vyacheslav formed in an environment where it was impossible to not feel their own nationality.
In the political struggle Siuchyk considers himself a pragmatist:
"I believe that the main purpose of the Belarusian state of motion is coming to power. Virtually all favorites Belarusian movement of 19-20 centuries set a goal. Nobody will be able to manage better the Belarusian State Belarusian nationalists, because they are natural people intrigued Belarusians to live normally. in order to fulfill this ultimate goal must use all means all methods that the accumulated both by the Belarusian state movement and the development of world civilization. We must realize that in order to specifically ultimate goal must not get hung up on something one, and strive to work the system . "
In their own arguments about Belarus Siuchyk based on historical experience, finds parallels in the past:
"I read that we are living in the 19th century not because we repeat what we did stately Bogushevich Belarusians and others. I read that we are living in the 19th century by other indicators. For example, the fact that the Belarusian Lyceum may not work for Belarusian terrain — it does the 21st century? No. It — 19th century, maximum — the beginning of the 20th century.
Take any captive nations of the 20th century and certainly Look for such cases when people had to prepare their elite occupation in the criteria. How I may be judged, I, like many of my colleagues, always from Lukashenka’s Court requires only 1st — so I tried on my Belarusian language. Always Lukashenka Tribunal to me: we have two municipal language Russian and Belarusian, and we will judge you in Russian. This is the 21st century? Again, this is 19-20 century. "
5 milestones

At a press conference favorites entrepreneurial movement of Autukhovich, A.Makaeva, I.Lednik, 25.02.2008During his two decades of relentless role in the opposition movement with dozens of rallies, demonstrations, pickets, with courts arrests Bullpen himself Siuchyk fundamentally distinguishes five events.
First, he is proud that he was the organizer of the overlap Ming Avenue behalf Skarina 1998 and 1999, when Yeltsin and Lukashenko signed an agreement on the development of so-called allied countries:
"This is a historical fact that in the moment of betrayal main avenue of the capital was blocked. And do not for a moment, not for 10 minutes and shut properly. The goal was very is ordinary to show that they are doing there, and Belarus have, and we will fight for their country. "
Then these shares have been featured on many television channels. But the most important politician believes that the Belarusian people saw it, because, in his opinion, without resistance Belarusians will not work.
Second thing fundamentally believes in protecting its own rank Kurapaty. It — 2001-2002 years when first efforts were thwarted plans youth into liquidation State necropolis.
Third milestone — Freedom day 2004. Then, protesting against the ban on mass celebration Siuchyk together with 3 employees chained themselves to the posts on October Square in Minsk.
Later, it was Kiev Maidan. In the Ukrainian Orange Revolution took part about 200 Belarusian activists, and was coordinated by Vyacheslav. Belarusians, with white-red-white flags supported Ukrainian democratic contest was even more revolutionary than the individual regions of the country.
And in the end — 2006, Area Kalinowski when Siuchyk became one of the main organizers of the campground. He says that the whole administration of the area was assigned to them personally:
"This phenomenon of the Belarusian state history. Belarusian state is really just thought the streets of Minsk. Kalinouski Square — this is purely Belarusian phenomenon."
All detention was illegal
All their arrests Siuchyk considers illegal:
"Always on the court at the judge’s question, or if you are involved in criminal or administrative responsibility, always tell the truth — never legitimately. A person who considers himself illegally planted, behave accordingly."
Siuchyk born December 18, 1962 in Minsk. In 1984 he graduated from the Faculty of Geography of the Belarusian Municipal Institute. Worked in software "Belarusgealegiya" and the State Academy of Belarus. Engaged in environmental issues and the effects of the Chernobyl disaster. Was secretary o
f the BPF, the chairman of the Saeima BNF relations with the labor movement, the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front "Revival" and BPF. 11 января 2003, the decision of the Diet excluded from BPF BPF "for destructive activities … and disobeying the decisions of the Diet." The initiator of the creation of a number of public organizations ("Young Front", Belarusian women’s movement "For the Revival of the Fatherland" and others). In 2004 — Coordinator of Belarusian participants of Ukrainian Orange Revolution. In March 2006, one of the organizers of the tent city on October Square after the presidential election. Is currently manage section "Memorial" volunteer Belarusian Society for Historic Preservation and Cultural Organization, a member of the large and small Council BSA "Fatherland." Many times he was arrested for 10-15 days.

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