One day political prisoner Yuri Khadika

Result of "Chernobyl Way" in 1996 were two hundredths affected by demonstrators and riot police, overturned police cars. One of the applicants acted Yuri Khadika processions, for which he was taken into custody.
Under pressure from international society sentence lasted least a month — in defense of the prisoner made by public figures Worldwide, including presidents and Nobel laureate. Yuri Khadika with other detainees politician Vyacheslav Siuchyk a symbol of protest against the repression endured almost lunar strike.
June 23 Yuri Khadika 70.
Minsk city executive committee statement on "Chernobyl Way-96" filed deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front and deputy Yuri Khadika have not overclocked the Supreme Council Gennady Karpenko. With the city authorities agreed route and promised nothing problems. As Deputy Speaker Karpenko was not on the rank to negotiate with the police, Khadika of a police car through megaphones urged people to maintain order. And when he went out to the people, the human flow quickly made friends with 2-sides and Khadika proved far from the head of the column. When eventually pushed forward, already lay overturned police cars. How convinced the emperor Khadika prerequisite collisions become inadequate acts policemen who were ordered to block the road. If "Spit had found on a stone", the police and the marchers already thrashed each other indiscriminately, 10s people were in the clinic.

"Chernobyl Way" — the card of opposition rallies
In public transport — with a poster "Freedom Khadika!"
The next day began the applicants’ detention and active participants. Khadika accused of organizing riots and positioned in the insulator City Police Department Street Dabramyslenskay, where he announced the first ever to be independent Belarus hunger strike.
First day was sitting in solitary confinement, and later transferred to a different camera — for two, 4. But the public has launched a campaign demanding change measure of detention and release of prisoners. Unusual activity showed Valentine Macdowell — the wife of Yuri Viktorovich. Even in the public transport, she traveled with a poster "Freedom Khadika!"
Of insulator Khadika taken on preventive talk to the prosecutor. After the conversation management institutions do not find reason to change the criterion content. Thence transferred to the detention center on the street on Volodarskogo.
"Political" urgently taken to the chief bullpen, which, according to Yury Viktorovich, reminded him of the good-cop from the French movie:
"So, drove to the chief bullpen. Meets — such portly, chyrvonashchoki, friendly people. And suddenly — Head bullpen. It seems that it was Oleg Alkaev. He immediately asked: Yury, you hungry? And he began to complain about me: here and so poorly fed, as my institution, they say, is designed for 3 thousand people, and sits 4.5 thousand. So to me it still advyalosya comfort … After all, I’m still on a hunger strike against detention and he tried to dissuade me. When this failed, then I was transferred to a common cell. However, it is obvious preferential — it was designed only for 6 people and has never been greater. And I sat there specifically from 2 to 21 May 1996. In the end, eventually released sufficiently broad wave of public protest, including international organizations and favorites. "
Recalls sovereign Khadika in time case he met with Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Met on shtrishok seaside, were both spouses. Met and talked. Yeltsin promised to help establish democracy in Belarus. And if Khadika went to jail, the wife of Yury Viktorovich, Valentine Kirilovna could call him. In addition, Moscow scientists took to the favorite of the party "Yabloko" Grigory Yavlinsky, who also appealed to Yeltsin. Letters in support of Doctor of Science Khadika sent two Nobel laureates from Poland.

Meeting with people — after a number of days after the lunar hunger strike in 1996
Before their release, Yuri knows Khadika in his cell appeared KGB officer and asked to write a letter to admitting guilt, in other words, to repent. If a politician refused, released without any additional criteria. Threatened a detainee from 2 to 6 years in prison, as a confrontation with the police demonstrators had unprecedented consequences — more than 200 people, including policemen, asked for medical help. Were overturned police cars and warped.
Philosopher and humanist from politics
One reason for the relatively low blood victory by views interlocutor, was that Alexander Lukashenko in 1996 was not so all-powerful. "This is the moment when the municipal repressive machine has been running with a twist, opposition protests are not a huge result. And in the midst of the 1990 will of the people was still a massive tool", — says Yuri Khadika.
Colleagues Yuri Khadika they say that he brought to politics typical humanistic and philosophical component, what is not allowed to slip into a democratic movement politicking. Such a point of view that is held Deputy Chairman Viktor Ivashkevich BPF:
"He first joined adrazhentskiya movement. As cultural, as the one who created the Museum of Old Belarusian art. Naturally, entering the dating, friendship with people convinced state revivalists, it is inevitably a matter of politics and impartially contacted.
When creating the organizing committee of the Popular Front, the main role in the formation of this committee played Pozniak group, naturally, there was Khadika. Since even before the creation of the Popular Front, he in this informal group of 10 years to work with them. And he went into politics, in principle, he brought her here in this humanistic, cultural, philosophical factor. He always tempered the opportunity to slip in front of politicking. Analyzing the activity first position with philosophical, ethical, and not purely "real-politics." It is faster than a politician and a fighter for freedom. There is a difference. Although in our case it is due. "
Of military orbit — in the history of art
It was almost the first example, when caressed by the authorities’ attention, the scientist is on the other side of the barricades, deliberately fighting for democratic reforms in recent sovereign Belarus. Yury himself declares that politics came to an unusual method — through art.
Since 1965, the physicist scientist Yuri Khadika began working on a closed subject, performing at the Institute of Physics of the Academy of military order. Participated in cooperation to create a system of early warning of a missile attack, which later became known as "of cosmic war." Group became the leading organization in the theory calculations of the optical characteristics of missiles, ships, planes. Twice renounces transition to a permanent job in Moscow. As the Khadika, narrow group of professionals has become a "hen that laid the golden egg." In this status, almost all allowed and Yury situation fully enjoyed.
From 1969 participates in a public campaign in the study and preservation of monuments of the old art and culture. Spiritual inspiration in the present case was the art historian Eleanor Wind. A year ago, there was a decision of the Council of Ministers on the publication "Code of monuments of history and culture of the peoples of the USSR", including seven volumes in Belarus. And it turned out that in Belarus there is no 1st special on old and sacred art, although after 6 years of age must have been to publish an encyclopedia.
Here volunteers headed Khadika found themselves. In the summer of 1970 and went to the first expedition. Collect
ed a lot of art works — more than 60 icons, sculptures, fragments of carved ornaments. The main buzz became a rarity in 1584 1st of aristocratic families of war on Belarus. In these expeditions came true awareness of Belarusian history, which in Russian while trying to simply erase.
In 1979, after numerous institutional barriers in the Academy, a museum was opened Ancient Culture. Khadika himself considers it his greatest achievement that surpass even work in the field of physics. Offered to defend a thesis on art, but it was a doctor and a medical physics and refused, as at the moment regret.
It is significant that none of the BSSR and managing modern Belarus from 1979 the museum was not. He and before that a day or — semi-underground facility in rank departmental museum of the Academy.
First big policy lessons
During the historical narratives in depth 1000 lety took first acquaintance with persons who significantly influenced the development of the political situation in the country. Since Khadika had immunity status, then the mid-1970s, many well-known figures of the Renaissance came to him with letters to the Central Committee in defense of whiteRussian language, Belarusian monuments. Dr. Khadika signed that letter appropriated weight. At this time occurred the first communication with Zenon Pozniak and Misha Tkachev.

Misha Tkachev, Yuri Khadika, Zenon Pozniak — Photos Vladimir Karmilkin
October 30, 1988 — a successful debut scientist Yuri Khadika the political arena. On the day immediately got on the hood of a police car, when in conjunction with other rushed to defend the artist Mikola Kupavy whom police snatched from the crowd. And on the day after saved Kupava called and asked, and you joined the Popular Front?
Khadika "I ask — who are there? Pozniak responsible. Pozniak But I knew, and unlike the other was not in bolshennom him ecstasy. He added that as the Bulls. And say, but if the Bulls, and then I’ll record. Here hung on university bulletin boards written a letter urging support group BNF and put his name first. Towards the end of a day or was already more than 40 names.
In those days the first time invited to give a concert-Voyusha Sergei Sokolov. Since that time, this is my beloved bard: relaxed listening to a series of insurrection Kalinowski was unreal. And here and there a month Pozniak offered to join the organizing committee of education BPF, then I backed Pozniak in a dispute over leadership with Basil Yakovenko. On the I Congress coupled with Tkachev (if he was still in Grodno), I was elected Vice-Chairman. In other words, the deputies are two doctors that was in some ways symbolic. "

Meeting in February 1990, after which Khadika left the party

Care to camp BPF spawned another important step — after the 1st of the meetings in late February 1990, decided to engage with the party passed. Written statement attached membership card and took the party committee secretary. Left the party first of 1990, before the collapse of the Union.
June 23 to one of the veterans adrazhentskiya movement 70 years old. Age, which asks certain conclusion. But Yuri Khadika as before in politics. And time to write memoirs — still ahead.
Yuri Khadika born in Minsk on June 23, 1938. First years of his life in Bialystok, where his father worked. With a gold medal finished school train number 60 in Minsk. He graduated from the Physics Department of the Belarusian Municipal Institute. Worked at the Institute of Physics of Belarus. In 1975, in the section headed Commission USSR in developing the forecast development of opto-electronic reconnaissance assets for 15 years. In 1979 he opened the Academy Museum of Old Belarusian Culture. He was deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front, a member of the Supervisory Board of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. Created about 150 scientific papers on physics and about 200 scientific and technical reports, and about 30 publications on the history of Belarusian art. One of the activists of the Greek Catholic (Uniate) community. Married, has 2-sons and 3 grandchildren.

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