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Godfather political vaudeville

A new movement in the field of political kinadakumentalistyki after the 1994 elections, founded a little-known at the time the director Yuri Azaronak. Soon after the arrival of Alexander Lukashenko to power Azaronak debuted on Belarusian television with ribbon "Hatred. Toddlers heresy" directed against the Belarusian Popular Front and the BPF Poznyak.
Politician Nikolai Statkevich reacted to yield "hatred" in their own way — banged creator in the face. States I did it is for the sake of his own father. Grandfather Nicholas destroyed police liaison with the guerrillas, and his father, then still a child, miraculously escaped from that same fate. If the tape began to draw Azaronak Statkievich associates policemen, his father was shocked … General hoped that in the case of a private conversation will Azarenok 2-guys. According to the latest least did not think that the director will go to the tribunal and give the history of resonance.
As for today’s revitalization documentary, it explains the approach Statkevich next election campaign:

"It’s preparing for elections. Our power — large panikerka, perastrahovshchytsa. During the elections — zvyshperastrahovki, forge even protocols. But they think and not many people are driving on a preliminary vote, falsifying ballots. So here Bureaucrats very reinsured machine propaganda works. And although this result virtually no influence, they do again in the opposition traitors, spies, corrupt, miserable people. Moreover, this machine is in a degree even samazavodtsy works. Psychology bureaucrat — like if something happens, always necessary perastrahovvatstsa to report on preventive measures. Someone somewhere initiative showed other learned (from time to time, even from opposition media) and came to the conclusion that we have the same, and then suddenly the bosses ponder that not tried, while others have already done … "
Kinaestafetu Yuri Azarenka grabbed other documentary and production area expanded with the creation of the channel ONT and "STV". In developing outreach products today participated chairman Alexander Broadcasting Company Zimouski, his former teammate on the analytical program notes Igor Grishanov, past human rights activist Novikov, Yuri Koziyatko and others.
Discussions with kinaapanentami inappropriate for BT
"Anti-state essentially" Belarusian opposition were devoted to such propaganda films as "backstage" (1996) — about the "hidden mechanisms of the Belarusian opposition." Recently the 2001 presidential election, state television showed the TV series "Secret springs politics."
In 2005, the other day the next presidential elections, when the Order of Alexander Lukashenko Yuri Azaronak was appointed Deputy Chairman of the State Television and Radio Company, appears on the screen another piece Azarenka "conspiracy theories", brought creator award "For Spiritual Revival". In one-sided look at the political realities on the views of opposition politicians, has become a group made ONT shmatseryyny documentary series "Naaynovshaya story." For his team, headed by the creators Koziyatko awarded "Televershina."
Why Belarusian screens no parity in political views? Will there ever the audience to draw their own, and not imposed by the conclusions from what we saw? At a press conference, Chairman of the State Television Alexander Zimouski revealed that although the middle of the 1990s, the opportunity was and to be shown on BT even considered sensational film director Yuri Khaschavatski "Ordinary President". But then it was decided not to enter into discussions with the creator. Since then, this tradition is not broken:

"This movie has never been banned for public display. It came out in 1996, around him were very lively discussions — the truth, I do not hold a senior position in the Belarusian television. But I can say that 10 years ago saw this movie to be shown on BT "- said A.Zimovsky. — "And he was considered on the basis of belief — how to adequately respond to the creator. At the time came to beliefs: to argue with each frame of the film — it is not technologically (then there was the concept of" political technologies "). And he just was not accepted for show. But this does not mean that it is banned in Belarus. "

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