Oral: Continue to interrogate activists in the blast in Minsk

Sergei Nerovny, policeman, that encounter with the previously called on his mobile phone. Conversation with the police took place at the entrance of his house, and lasted about 10 minutes.
"Apart from the issues — the sovereign states Uneven — where I was 3 and 4, the 4th of July, a policeman was interested my views about who and what organized the blast in Minsk.
The policeman also requested that someone confirmed that I July 3 and 4 was in Krychau. This was confirmed by my wife. In addition he asked me to their worldview laid out in writing. I refused, but he did not insist. The policeman refused to answer my question why he came to me specifically. In parting, I said that I will explain his visit as an attempt to push me as a candidate for candidate House of Representatives of business, the Group which is now registered ", — said Sergey Uneven.
According to the bumps, the policeman with the same goal now met with Krychau BPF Vladimir Kudryavtsev.
Mogilev region in the case of the explosion in Minsk already interrogated Klimovichi journalist Sergei Arzhantseva, his employee of Cherikov Seeds Ponizovtseva also Mogilev BPF Dmitry Solovyov and human rights activist Dmitry Antonchyk.

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