Our homeland Belarus and hold the union contract

Meeting accomplished "one on one". Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus and Our homeland "will never live separately from each other." Recall that the Russian president arrived in Brest after official visits to Kazakhstan, China, Kazakhstan and Germany.
According to the joint declaration Our homeland Belarus and advocate the development of economic relations on the principles of market economy. Dmitry Medvedev referred to relations between the countries’ strategic partnership based on the union contract. "
The heads of state said they would adhere to existing agreements, filling them with a certain content. Alexander Lukashenko said Our homeland that Belarus "will never live separately from each other." Medvedev referred to relations between countries with 2 "very close and friendly."
Recall that the Russian president arrived in Belarus after official visits to China, Kazakhstan and Germany. Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka said:
"This underscores the complexity of the interactionrelations between official Minsk and Moscow. And Moscow is currently trying to use the complexity of the situation in which person is currently Alexander Lukashenko and his political regime. Difficulties in relations with the U.S., with Europe difficult case — all this indicates some Lukashenko dependence on Moscow. They want to use the first and second factor. And this requires a sense of loneliness Belarusian politician and his regime. Lukashenko show that under certain conditions it will keep at a distance. "
Ex-Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Our homeland is ready to go in the development of of so-called allied countries so far as this wish Belarusian partners. Russian leaders had read about integration first in the economy. And here, by economist Yaroslav Romanchuk, between Belarus and Russia still had many problems, as well as 10 years ago.
For example, according to the Ministry of Commerce of the Russian Federation, there are 23 forms of protectionism against Belarus Russian products. And it’s catchy breach of contract on free trade.
Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Institute of CIS Vladimir Zharihin:
"The most important prepyadstviya consist in the fact that all the powers within Allied countries for purely economic integration actually already selected. And the subsequent integration processes can only go to the beginning and political integration: parts delegating sovereign States’ general use. As it is, for example, occurred in the European Union. "

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