Ozarichi: Like you do not have to dirty their ranks of our party

To understand the picture of the life of a city, from time to time rather talk on the street with the first counter person. However, in a small town Ozarichi people on the streets — a rare phenomenon. Even zapivohi almost caught. In the overgrown park, near the monument to Lenin, painted with silver paint on my careful question "How Ozarichi live?" Lady 50 years has given all that pent.
Lady: "How are Ozarichi? We would naturally want our township one hundred percent match own behalf urban village. As you can see, here we need very many, so it asuchasnits. Hopes that with this year willt build agro. Because maybe something will change, I mean the appearance of the village. "
Reporter: "And the people where the main work?"
Lady: "That’s the whole problem."
Reporter: "There is no place to work?"
Lady: "Of course. We have no production. And everything was all locked. People are outraged. SFE was, it was closed. Had its own bakery, it was closed. All closed. Bus was closed. Even the most simple — filling. Now all the machines. Refills for three or four years promise. Only promise. We were only clinic and school. Everything. Nothing more. And there were so many! "
Indeed, do not look Ozarichi burgeoning settlement. Enthusiasm is old, from the 16th century, plyanirovka streets and thorough pre-revolutionary buildings of the former traditional Belarusian cities. Former pharmacy, shops, homes. Some dating from the 19th century with the occupation and are awful ruins, as in Stalingrad.

Tosca catches sight of the city stadium, which resembles more pasture.

But building clinics and schools are supported in an exemplary manner. Dr. Alexei Ozarichskogo clinic moved to reverse 20 years of Belarus from Ukraine. When Ozarichi appeared in the first settlers from the Chernobyl zone.

Reporter: "Tell me, please. Unhealthy who fell ill in the capital, and the man who fell ill in Ozarichi … How big is the difference? .. "
Alexei: "Very much. Cases doctors and patients here more trustworthy and more than humane. Because we know everyone, they know me. A minus, of course, defect inspection. In rural countryside to explore the patient, of course, difficult. So what? Ozarichi In one X-ray. No More. "
Reporter: "Are there in your area, special diseases related to Chernobyl?"
Alexei: "Those persons who are captured in the first few days and taken, their no diseases such as cancer. It is, as we all have. But not so massively as those who resettled in 91 — m Their virtually all whoever perished, ankalegiya. "
In Ozarichi, not counting high school is a boarding school for kids with disabilities. The main thing here — not a foreign language and not physics, and work. Teacher labor Valery Veras pain knows about prospects bleak boarding school.

Valery: "Now the law is. These schools must be reformed. The law was given, but the government did not thoughts — what to do with children. Now man’s relation to the development of children with deficiencies — moron, fool. Escape, theft — a scourge that enveloped our special school. Next we release them into the world. Who? Even in the Russian Union they were protected by the state. Booked a place for them. Now no no places. They do not need anyone. Problem — where to put the kid on vacation? Now these kids nobody needed. "

I walked around the boarding school. Pleasantly surprised painting children. Landscapes and portraits parents were prepared with imagination and love. In the corridors of a lot of greenery and flowers. Rooms comfortable life resembled hotel rooms. Boarding school director Natalia L. believes that its pupils not only lagging in development, as put into educating parents drunks.

Natalia: "Even if their features have kids who are at the level of their own in life to achieve something.’s Boy we met, beheld? Dima walked. Mozyrskoe He enrolled in school, plasterer, bricklayer. Comes and says:" Thank you I was sent to school, I graduated. "He now gets a good salary. His value at work. spetsgrupy In schools there for our children.’s this year we aim to seven people. How they perceive there? For our children essentially, that they good people met on the way. Whoever wishes of kids achieve, the opportunity is. Builders, agricultural work.’s all possible. And someone starts to drink. "
In closing ability dorms and returning kids in the family, Mrs. Natalia also does not see the disaster.
Natalia: "May you beheld how they expect the eighth of March. There are mothers that have seen it and think — end. On the phone talking to them. Will you go — they are drunk. They, kids, mom so this draw. My mother is the most beautiful, my mother is the most beloved. There’s nothing the family does not, that is in school, but they are family. Prior dad and mother. Which has no mother and father, but the mother and father. babies can recognize. "

Ozarichi based in the 16th century, became known after the second World War. In March 1944, the Nazis made camp here perdition, where 50 thousand people were driven from nearby villages and even from Smolensk. Calculation of the Nazis was cruel and simple: stop the offensive of the Red Army with the help of infectious diseases. And kept for thousands of people in the open air, without food and water. For the week of the camp’s existence in Ozarichi criterion of brutal killing 9,000 people. Antonina Pigul then was 13 years old.

Antonina: "Fifteenth March 40 fourth year we were in a camp. We reach the gate. Who was carrying on for yourself, documents, photo baby mother bore, they were taken, and on the left of the yard burned a large bonfire. They threw everything in this fire . And the people there were! And the dead lying there. How many of them there were, I will not lie, I do not know. I was four and a day or four nights. For this time, that we were there, found a place sublime, that sit under a pine tree. Mother was already unhealthy.
Antonina: "Well, brought bread thrown into people. Machines from all sides threw. Laughed very much. On machines stood like that threw people. In mass. People snapped, and they were laughing so loudly. Well, in other words, bread, if it comes to you in the head, it is not necessary for you, you already have it will not. Such was hard. Just like sawdust. "
Reporter: "Antonina Yavmenavna you have hatred, hostility, zlaba on Germans?"
Antonina: "It seems to me that they are innocent. There superiors, top, whoever rules povinet. What they were told they did. Their I did. They do not obey. They thrashed us. Makes the laws. I to him nothing. "
Mrs. Antonina times talked about fears occupation many lessons in schools memory. But its post
war failure ancient opened only told "Liberty."
Antonina: "Shepherds Ivan Pavlovich. 1st Secretary of the Communist Party." And death camp were you? "I said," It was. "Gets up and says," Like you, Antonina Yavmenavna should not sully the ranks of our party. As a traitor of the Motherland. "Second Fri endure … I did not give the same train. Second Fri bear — asvabadits Pigul Antoninus from his post of secretary of the village council, from work."
Reporter: "It is in what year was it?"
Antonina: "In 40 ninth. It has everything in the archive. I’m not lying to none c. That I, as a traitor of the Motherland … I was fifteen years old! And they could then, at 40 the ninth, if the third Fri reached. "Bring it to the area and shoot." They have brought me and shot. "

Zayed in place Ozarichskogo camp. Creators memorial enough taste not to overdo with concrete steles and metal bars. But to walk on this grass should be carefully. In fact, as readand Antonina Yavmenavna, then people everywhere.
Antonina: "There was no water. Water needed the wire, there continue where moss bog. There’s water on the bumps. Some tried them immediately burst into place. Drew and the mine exploded, killing close. My grandfather was there. Brushwood lying, then he tried to go there, find heat, padleze. And they buried him there. On it and go. Since buried melenko. There was nothing. Hands pulled out. Boughs of a tree hollow. It melenko. There lies. On it and go. "

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