P.Levinov rights activist arrested for 10 days

For nearly 2 months Sire Levinov Paul tried to challenge the judgment of the court — to bring his innocence and that the order is made with violations — have not read it in his presence. According to human rights, all this time Pershamajski police department employees decided measures to deliver against the will of him under arrest: on duty near his apartment and his perasovanbni stalked through the town. Now Paul Lyavinau brought to the department of the clinic, where he got yesterday from the prosecutor’s office, where it came another clash with police.
Recall that the district court referee Train Valentine Kismyaroshkina. recognized representative of the BHC in Vitebsk region Pavel Levinov guilty Tipo neprelichnuyu for the battle of the address police officers during his arrest on March 27 when a defender tried to get into the apartment of the journalist Vadim Borshevsky where was searched. Also arrested, sire Levinau was awarded a fine of 20 basic units, or 700 thousand rubles — Tipo for disobeying police.

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