P.Sheremet Shejman undermined the reputation Lukashenko

"I think, Viktor Sheiman long needed send to resign as Gennady Nyavyhlas. Sheyman — as its presence on the post seriously undermines the reputation of the same Lukashenko. A Nyavyhlas — as he justified his low efficiency as a control.
Of course, that is surrounded by Lukashenko sharp struggle, which resulted in these resignations. I think number one is currently in the midst of the siloviki Belarus — this minister Interior Naumov. His resignation has long sought the same Sheiman, but apparently Naumov while Sheiman defeated. But far Lukashenko did not let go, because a lot Shejman knows to go right, "- says Pavel Sheremet.
In 2000 he lost ORT cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky, who worked together with Pavel Sheremet on television. As Pavel Sheremet defines the role of Viktor Sheiman affaires missing?

Apparently, Naumov until defeated Shejman …

"As for these cases in my views, Viktor Sheiman should be considered as the main suspect in the disappearance of political opponents of the regime. About it time read and past Attorney General Oleg Bazhelka. He does not hide after Dmitry Pavlichenko arrest had been arrested and Viktor Sheiman on suspicion of kidnapping. But while Alexander Lukashenko Viktor Sheiman defended. Let’s see if he will do the same at the moment. "

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