PAK DA — to be!

 PAK DA - to be!
First information about promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA) appeared in 2009. Then it was announced early preparatory work on the topic. Contract for R & D project PAK DA was awarded to «Tupolev». Then distant aircraft commander General A. Zhiharev caveat that his agency wants to get at upgrading of existing Tu-160, even very deep, but the latest car completely. First Command desire distant aviation suggest new sighting and navigation system, new avionics and aircraft fully compatible with all existing and promising types of weapons.
After that memorable interview disk imaging during PAK DA almost was not. Is that last fall were adjusted deadlines applets. At present, the Ministry of Defence plans and offices «Tupolev» includes first flight in 2017-18, respectively, and the beginning of mass production around 2025. Enclosed work entailed a lot of discussion and debate, and in this case at the highest level. Correspondence should be noted dispute Chief of Staff Army General Nikolai Makarov and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. Views on the first one, our Air Force needs with strategic brand new car range and the same combat abilities. Rogozin, in turn, led reasons as modern and promising means of air and missile defense potential enemies. Because, according to Deputy Prime Minister, the «traditional» approach to the development of distant and strategic aviation is already outdated and need to find new prospects and ways of working.
On Thursday, June 14 President Vladimir Putin visited the Air Force base in the town Korenovsk Krasnodar Territory. Besides discussing the modernization of the Air Force in general and base namely, Putin also spoke about the prospects of a distant aircraft. It turned out that the military and political leadership of the country still under a Chief of Staff. This development of the new aircraft will be launched very recently. Earlier it was reported that the preliminary design of a new bomber-missile will be ready this year. Of course, the president and military leaders have already seen the fruits of the preparatory work for the PAK DA that can be served as one of the reasons voiced solutions.

For obvious reasons, is now in the public domain are not entirely any details about the type of the future aircraft. All this is fertile ground for speculation and speculation. For example, last fall there are news about the new aircraft engines. Then, with reference to some anonymous source in the Defense argued about acquisition PAK DA engines AL-41F1. As evidence of this drive version of its properties traction and fuel consumption. But the ordinary count indicates that plane going to replace at least the Tu-22M3, must have four such motor. But he Tu-22M3 is equipped with 2 total THD of 25 tons of afterburner thrust each. In addition, sometimes there are rumors about the development of a new turbofan engine, which will replace the NC-32 (installed on the Tu-160). This development is expected, but the official proof of its existence until it was.

More of weird situation with the appearance and aerodynamic assembly promising bombers. As it often happens, after the earliest reports of the existence of the project PAK DA appeared different kind technical imagination. In the course went «concept art» unrealized options Tupolev Tu-160, T-4M and Sukhoi T-4MS etc. Versions can be realized on the basis of the cause of these projects. PAK DA is a new plane, and it will serve in the future. Such judgments, many professionals and aviation enthusiasts craving arises sick to Futurism. As a result, more attention is not on the aerodynamic efficiency of the design or manufacturability, and its unusual appearance. Taking into account the known information about the requirements for PAK DA, we can conclude that a promising bomber bomber would be «somewhere» between the Tu-22M3 and Tu-160. May be taken from the first take-off weight and dimensions, and the second «share» aerodynamic assembly.

In the development of promising aviation complex for far apart is the question of weapons. Development of air defense and interceptors in the very near future will not give existing bombers even come close to the turn of the missile launch. Accordingly, the need to increase the range of the latter. And not everything is very simple: if the increase range aircraft missiles, then eventually you can come to such a situation, in which the missile will soar, approach to the line start, being in the zone of responsibility of their defense and under the protection of the latter to create a cutaway cargo. Appears completely fair question: Why do I need a plane? Fortunately for the aircraft (more precisely, for its existence, but not for survival in combat criteria) for the creation of today’s development of compact air-based missiles with intercontinental range public land is not yet threatened. Because the new aircraft should possess skills to break through the enemy’s defense. Of course, that this bomber-missile must have a low radar visibility and reduced heat radiation from the engines. In addition, the future PAK DA is obliged to have the most advanced electronic warfare equipment, without which it is unlikely to be able to reach the limit of the missile launch.

It should be noted that the establishment of similar machines are completely real. But it will take a long time and very many resources. But this is not an area where you can save. According to the views of the Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense military professional Korochenko I. These are the time and resources of the board that you want to bring power to maintain all of the country. At the same time, considers Korochenko price applets will certainly affect output and, most likely, will be built three or four 10-ka PAK DA. Although the expert, the military will determine the exact figure. Naturally, the new bombers will be quite expensive, but on the future combat service they will not complement the existing equipment, and over time absolutely change it. Hardly even forty or fifty machines similar enough to substitute all Tu-95MS or Tu-22M3, which are the basis of real time distant Russian aviation. The same need for spoofing an old art designers confronts another challenging puzzle. Tu-22M3 and Tu-95MS, though distant bombers appear to have different tactical niches. Because in PAK DA if soon there will be another similar project started, you will need to cooperate two very distinct aircraft.

I would like to hope that the management of the country, the Ministry of Defence and designers office «Tupolev» not only understand what tasks they put in front of him, and behold the methods of solving them. But while the project is only known for the title and deadlines. Even approximate the properties have not yet been made public. Because all that remains for us — expect news and designers covet fortune.

Created by Kirill Ryabov

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