Palestinian militants to show the new MLRS

Palestinian militants to show the new MLRS
Armed wing of the «Al-Quds Brigades» Palestinian Islamic Jihad showed the latest MLRS (multiple rocket launcher) underground home, located somewhere in the northern Gaza Strip, reports March 21.

The launcher is protected with metal lids that ootkryvayutsya for nomination MLRS from the bunker that she could run 12 short-range missiles 107 mm.

Representative of the «Al-Quds Brigades,» said that during the 120 minutes released 130 rockets at Israel after the «premeditated murder» 3 own activists in the Gaza Strip on March 11. He said that this showed the weakness of the Israeli bombardment missile defense system «Iron Dome», which caught only three of 130 missiles.

The Israel Defense Forces said that in the period between 12 and 14 March was launched 70 missiles. The IDF said that of 41 missiles launched by terrorists on March 12, 5 fell in areas of Israeli settlements Fri, three were intercepted by the system «Iron Dome.» By the Israelis no casualties.

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