Parsukevich wants to abolish the sentence

June 11 Shklou colony with political prisoner Sergei Parsyukevich met him lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya. It was their first meeting in the colony. It lasted about 2 hours. According to Vera Stramkouskaya, her client in the bullpen did not give up:
"He’s in good moral condition, ready for the coming struggle for the abolition of the verdict, which he considers unfair and unreasonable."
Recall, the Metropolitan Tribunal of Minsk found Parsiukevich businessman guilty of beating a policeman and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. Minsk City Tribunal confirmed the sentence. According to Vera Stramkouskaya Sergei Parsyukevich gave her instructions impose supervisory complaint Chairman Municipal Court, and if that does not help, contact the Supreme Tribunal. Sergei Parsyukevich does not exclude that in the end will have to appeal to international courts.
Recently the wife of political prisoner Parsyukevich Natalia received from him outright four letters — first of Shklou colony. "Censor kept until I read everything," — says familiarized already in prison affairs lady. Natalia Parsukevich very amazed about the number of lines of new prisoners Shklou colony and their composition prof.
"Wrote that very many new people, and everything comes and comes. Many businessmen and officials. Him to have someone to talk to. "
New criteria Sergei Parsyukevich life, according to his wife, partially satisfied. But as for issued to him some clothes and then we have some complaints:
"Odezhka gave a very awkward, dark. Terribly clumsy shoes, odezhku issued not by size — small jersey and pants huge ushyvae. Even the cap is sewn."
Writing about the state of their health, not Sergei Parsyukevich was a lot ofAs if. Wrote that he lost and that have not yet applied for surgery to remove polyps. Operations prisoners do exclusively republican prison clinic in Minsk, and there delivered from colonies step. But after the step of Zhodino in Škloŭ Sergei Parsyukevich no longer wishes to repeat this test.
For a job, Sergei Parsyukevich not yet sent. This can happen in a week, as long as the political prisoner is in quarantine.

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