Partisans took the cow left with nothing

Already nearly half the 10-ka years day July 3 in Belarus is considered basic municipal prazdnichkom and noted on the official level, every year more pompous and extensively — military parades, fireworks, multi-day festivals and concerts.
To state the date of independence is very conditional relation, because she was taken out of Russian history. Noteworthy that in the Russian Belarus 3 July was working funny day and celebrated rather timidly.
Current conversation will start with one of the letters in this topic. We wrote last Russian officer Nicholas Kanahovich of Pruzany:
"As someone with your plain can not accept flegmantichno lie. It defies common sense why specific date July 3rd considered funny day of independence of our country? Well, in general, that is independence? Than it is justified for Belarus?
Go to at least some kindergarten, school, university, though any state agency — everywhere reigns raseyshchyna. And this is the most wretched form of occupation.
What kind of independence, which can be conducted prazdnichek independence speech if and so far as two years ago, we remain Russian protectorate — this the most disgusting form of colonial dependence.
Of our great-grandfathers, grandfathers and fathers occupants sneered, traded them laughed. So, can we in the 21st century will be enough to remain miserable slaves, cattle bargaining — it’s time to beat themselves and people called?
God gave us the respective language are endowed with reason, declared area in the world, gave a white-red-white flag. A divine punishment for adultery can be a very formidable "
Indeed, the current Belarusian independence has many specific features. It — absolutely not what was represented and start off on the leaders of the state of the Renaissance early 90-ies. National symbols, language, municipal prazdnichkom, monuments, place names — all this perverse political upheavals 90s, entered the current reality in such a way that one is perceived as an insult, and others — as the norm. With all of this does not have to call the current Belarusian government someone protectorate. In a sense, it is now more independent in their own policy than some of its neighbors. Another thing — how to evaluate this specific independence.
Another issue related to historical events and dates of the second World War. Over the past months, we are aware that a lot of what ends ethnographers attempt to commemorate the victims in the village of Russian partisans Drazhna Darohi district. There in 1943 after a bad storm a police garrison guerrillas killed a few 10’s of local residents. Ethnographers installed near the village authorities removed the cross, and the organizers and participants of this case punished arrests and fines.
We continue to receive letters from the memoirs of the events of the last war, that what did you do in the occupied areas, the German army and the Russian partisans. Here he writes, he heard a story about Drazhna, our listener Edward Tobin of Smalyavichy:
,"In 1942 I was 6 years old. Excellent remember and Germans and policemen, and the guerrillas. Guerrillas robbed us NIGHT MODE: ripped bees in the closet (it was winter). At night took the same cow. Malehankih left two kids without actually did: took deryuzhkami , blanket, pillow cover even late father.
The guerrillas also burned a good ten-year school building in what was once taught Yakub Kolas. But the Germans in 1944 burned the village.
We were not afraid of the Germans. Neighbor uncle Basil Protasevich Volodya Kazimirchik, the then Tipo guerrillas often accompanied me on kryzhavitsy (it 300 meters from our house) — to build if there Germans. Ran. Watched. Reported. At one point, some German officer snapped the laughter on my stavbyr Budenovka and scored on a linden. There was plenty of laughter. Yes, and the first candy I got from the hands of the Germans "
Within forty-five years after the war about the partisan movement in Belarus could write only officially zatsverdzhanymi epithets — "heroic", "nationwide" and "unprecedented." During Gorbachev’s perestroika were prepared sample to see the military history of Belarus on the other, an impartial point of view, but soon all of these samples again drowned in the roar of victory fanfare. Arrests, which resulted in the establishment of a cross in the village Drazhna indicates that awkward for authorities the truth about the war — until now banned. Although the memoirs of witnesses and eyewitnesses of those events it continues to live. And writing on "Freedom" testify to this.
On summer vacation ordinary Belarusian citizen knows in his own letter to the brand-new "Freedom" Konstantin Syrel with Ushachi. He writes:
"In our friendship garden about 100 members, whose areas of net eco-powered fruit and vegetables about 500 people. On my plantation, for example, grows about 120 species of plants — fruits, vegetables, pharmaceutical herbs, more than 70 kinds of flowers and ornamental plants. We are constantly experimenting with his wife, for the last 6 years using glebazberagalnyya moldboard tillage technology. Many of our gardeners can boast more success, especially in regard to the use of small fitadyzaynu and building forms. If the allocated land, we were in the worst land throughout the area — now completely different picture. We have a good holiday for both adults and for children. Society is on a peninsula: from the west Deepest picturesque lake, from the east — the river and the lake Ushachi Pyarylna, in the south — duct of the deepest lake in the river . the lakes annually breed swans, kids love to feed them. Paradise on the map Belarus, in which hundreds of people improve their health! And no ice rinks do not need! "
Capravdy people their work converted former derelict wasteland that authorities meet for villas in scenic spots in the gardens and orchards. That’s just for many it — absolutely no rest, and a method of survival, languid everyday physical work on the ground — without any mechanization. I know many people who would willingly abandoned ridges on their own sites, cottages, would turn the potato gardens in flower beds and gardens — but only wages and pensions have them such that these few bags of potatoes, beets, carrots and onions play a decisive role in feeding their families.
Created subsequent letters — Yuri Novitsky Minsk — interested in names that give their new product Belarusian manufacturers of food and beverage. A listener writes:
"Disgusted not give faith on the shelves of stores there are many Belarusian products, so to speak," generous "names. Potato Gnocchi" Panskih "(which never used pans); cigarettes low property" Prime (in other words, the Chief Minister) "and" Crown "; deshevenky drink" wine "Gentry", which gave people the Commonwealth apt name — "byrlo"; Slonim "Without sorts sausage" Princely "…
In such a method Bezrodnyi mocks authority of the old birth, large posts and the story of the Lithuanian-Belarus daakupatsyynay "
Hardly, sire Novitsky, it offends the oldest noble families. If such a phenomenon as evidence and then only tastes manufacturers. By the way, in most cases these names are in Russian, and not in the Belarusian language.
Really outrageous and scornfully case was the middle of the 90s, when a cheap alcoholic substitute for one of the Belarusian breweries dubbed naming Duke Vytautas. In general, to promote a brand, "tangle-legs" producers that did not help …
At the end — passage of poetic letters from our listeners Ivan Tsimafeychyka from the village Modeyka Zelva district. Last teacher writes on the activities of journalists followed-independent way:
"Everyone ally pro-government
After what is true peasant —
It can not be admitted to the threshold.
ngers tsuglyayuts truth
Here and there — harassment, there — contempt
Yes nepokorlivyh throw in jail … "-

Thank you, sire Tsimafeychyk, for you and everyone who found time for writing on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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