Party Haidukevich not go to the polls

"We had a great meeting with the role of our party members 120, which decided to abandon the role in the elections. I also would not be a candidate because I can not violate party discipline."
Party on Sergei Haidukevich, will be preparing for another presidential election.

General vary businessman

The founder of the deputy group "Respublika" in the House of Representatives passed the convening general Valery Frolov will again participate in the parliamentary elections. He said now "Freedom":
"In the election environment Vzdy going to run through the list of combined forces dmakratychnyh member of our party — BSDP (Gromada) businessman Victor Kryval. But at the last moment he refused it. Then I received an offer and change it. I agreed. "
In T.Sevyarynets newcomer active group

Now Vitebsk activist movement "For Freedom" Tatiana received certificates for their own members of the Group.
— All 13 people immediately begin collecting signatures for nomination of me as a candidate for deputy in Vitebsk Gorky district number 11, — said Tatiana Seviarynets.
He also noted that she was obliged to register a new list of active group, as previously stated Lena Dayneko Lydia Karpovich and Nelly Tupyakova received some threats from the authorities and had to abandon the role in collecting signatures.
Tatiana Seviarynets, Mom Belarusian politician Paul Sevyarinets, teacher of the highest category with 35 years seniority was fired last year from his job with the school number 40 on the initiative of Vitebsk Yuri Lavrenava and control of district education department Vladimir Shlomo.

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