Peaceful protest in Europe nobody accelerates

On the days of the Diet BPF excluded from the party deputy chairman Mikhalevich.
One thing to consider "business Michalevic" was his interview with the online edition of the "Solidarity" in which politician criticized the management part of the party.
Man: "Listen to what we have done in the Popular Front and the House of Representatives. Want to say grief of our country from a huge brain. House of Representatives, it seems the brain full Chamber: that no law, anti-people, everyone wants to rob people. Either our People front — can not divide this little power. And all for the benefit of our Grigorevichu. All his favor. "
Continue to call this program from:
Mrs. Anna, Grodno region: "It worries us that the BPF Party and" Freedom "does not engage in any combat and propaganda against alcoholism. You Look: spivsya people, some work. A vodka flows and bootleggers feast. And nothing against the authorities do not. No laws do not take our Chamber. It hurt terribly and affects all our people. How we poor, orphans as we have, this is so only because of the vodka. Keep fighting! people believe we have for you! "
Pochetaemaya listener, on Radio Liberty, we often talk about the problem of you mentioned. Your call we asked to comment on the deputy chairman of BPF Yuri Gubarevich:
"Selling a cheap vodka and spirits low property — one of the parts of control over society. Authority Lukashenko interested to a significant part of Belarusians found gratification in alcohol consumption and thus did not think about his own future destiny, or the fate of the country. We believe it one of the most painful issues. Naturally, where there is such a possibility, the issue was raised. We believe that such a situation should not be. "
Next in the program — the arguments of our listeners:
Man: "Here I look like in the Ukraine and the UK police to handle the protesters: beat them with batons, and it is called democracy. And we have a dictatorship. So why can peel them and disperse, but we do not? Please answer".
These conjectures commented defender Valentin Stefanovich, that not once allowing street protests in Belarus and other countries:
"There are international standards on freedom of peaceful assembly and the general approach taken in democratic countries. Here, the principle of protection specifically peaceful assembly as a method to express their views, opinions or protest. Peaceful protest no one in Europe accelerates. Shares are dispersed, are forcibly temper. Acts demonstrators harm the interests of other people, their safety and property. When start pogroms defeat stores when they start throwing Molotov consistency, burn something, then the police have the right to use force and special means to protect public order and the interests of others. "
Now we’ve also got a call:
Victor Butoh: "Help me with the address of the president to invoke the Russian Federation, because the president of Belarus, and many of its representatives simply do not allow me."
On the official website of President of Russia for such messages Set the address: street Ilyinka, 23, 103132, Moscow, Our homeland.
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