People take to the streets without opposition

Organizer of the forum was the Institute of Statehood and Democracy, and the role it took members of the public, professionals and policy.
This first meeting of representatives of local initiatives Street Gamarnik Cna Selhozposelka and where the inhabitants are protesting against the new buildings. Prerequisites such provision clarifies spokeswoman activists Street Cna, which is on the coast Tsna reservoir Tamara Sergey:
"On the shore of the reservoir is a pine forest — a unique place for recreation of all the inhabitants of Minsk. But on the shore of the reservoir built gated development. And the fate of the reservoir at the moment, of course, under threat."
But that said "Freedom" representative of the inhabitants of the street Gamarnika Nikolai Martynov:
One of the professionals Mieczyslaw Burak, believes that power acts against the interests of citizens of Minsk by illegal means, and the struggle of people described as follows:
"The fight has in-1’s, the sense that the active current position helps man to become proficient: no to anyonewhat to do will not, except us. And there is only one way — you need to change the government. "
"The problem becomes one of the most important for political stability in our country. And the government, which is trying to break people’s knee, which is trying to ignore the fact that the humble and pokorlivy Belarusians start to the streets without any opposition role — she runs the risk of very many. At least — the loss of confidence, even the part of the people to which This time trusted authorities. "

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