Police collect fingerprints Minsk liquidators

First week it was reported that due to the explosion of the police interested in people who have already been convicted for possession of weapons or illegal operations with weapons and explosive substances. Reported such checks in the Mogilev region. Now it is clear that law enforcement officers inspect traders in Minsk Zhdanovichi market. Businessman Ales Taustyka said:
"What they are most interested? They require documents for the purchase of a switch on the wire for prypayvannya. Where it is acquired. Later require some portion of the wire bite, lay down and take in the envelopes. Those who refuses, threaten to drive to the police."
By Ales Taustyka, the "siloviki" demonstrate their identity, but "so rapidly that nothing unreal to behold."
According to the liquidator of the Chernobyl tragedy Nicholas from Minsk, the other day he was summoned to the police department. "In the corridors of the district department of many people: cause of liquidators, also members of various conflicts in" hot spots. "Ask, where he was on the night of July 4, and offer to be fingerprinted. While only offer. As for me, I refused to take, because I think it’s illegal. Then I was not at all in Minsk, where do my fingers? "- Say Nicholas. Liquidator did not call his own name and refused to voice information for recording. He is afraid, lest problems appeared for refusing to be fingerprinted.
The press service of the Interior Ministry regarding the investigation in the explosion said: "underway certain acts prescribed by law", but do not report details. Managing the press service of Constantine Shalkevich reminds reporters about the law:
"I do not advise to deal with such things relating to the investigation. Indeed, there is a concept in the law Undercover investigation. You can report on anything but think about what to report, at least as it is served."
Does the law to get people to give their fingerprints? The situation is commented popular lawyer, managing "Center Human Rights"Faith Stramkouskaya:
"If we opened criminal case and there is reason to suspect a person of committing a crime, then the law allows this. But ask people to come and volunteer Tipo do — these authorities show that legitimate reasons, but there is their suspicions that they may not realize. "

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