Policemen found the criminals in office UCP

In the office of the regional branch of the United civilian party, located in a private house on the street Woodland, police again found the fugitive offender.
June 8 inspection premises lasted almost two hours. Managed Operations Major Criminal Investigation railway police station Gregory Kuz’menko, and helped him to Major Alexander Koshman lieutenants Lena Galkin and Nikolay Mikhed.
In the study in this time held a meeting with human rights activists of youth democratic movement on the topic: "Society and investigation."
"I’m going to — says lawyer Leonid Sudalenka, — through the Ministry or the regional council Interior render thanks police for practical help in revealing the theme of the meeting. We discussed how true behave citizen during the search, personal search and interrogation. Parish police was a good addition to the theory.
Under the guise of police searches of different criminals sometimes inspect personal house Polessian to check who gathered there.
On This time criminal investigation officers called SWAT, rewritten above 2-10-s participants. In addition, police lieutenant Nikolai Mikhed, who was dressed in civilian shooting all on camera.
Policemen interviewed four people if they know of any fugitive offender named Tami. With all of this criminal investigation officers did not show any picture or even identikit fugitive.

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