Policemen interrogated thousands of people

While one suspect in the bombing on July 4 in Minsk have been arrested and testify in pretrial detention facilities, meeting with other people in uniform still threatened. Law enforcement officers began to massively get Minskers apartments, moving from the point of explosion, and further to the sleeping areas. During the 2-week, if it will not move, the police, who walk the apartments promise to envelop all the inhabitants of the capital.
Mrs. Rogneda lives in the house on Prospect favorites, just opposite the "Minsk — Hero City". To her with questions about the night of the explosion frequented already twice: in the first case in almost hot pursuit, July 6, obviously people in the security services, in subsequent times — is a local policeman:
"I have the impression that they understand the absurdity of all these interrogations. Especially since, It was clear immediately that — I could not build because my windows overlook the courtyard. Initially came quite a young man in uniform, with an intelligent face. But he was so alien to say, because in one day was a policeman. First means interested, I do not know what, why not beheld, not heard. I replied that nothing is heard, as in our yard and firecrackers exploded, and later was a salute, so I’m not directing attention to it. However, later still remembered that it was very late, after the fireworks, I for myself loaf: what it is they’re voting again? Later, however, decided that it was some kind of concert tricks. And if you came to the district, it has fewer questions asked, felt that he was in general waved his hand at it. Say, commanded to come, and it came. "
According to the last investigator of the Frunze district of Minsk Volchek, unlikely to fall in the siege specific organizers explosion. According to human rights, security forces swung so long that it was over quite hard to escape abroad. What to do law-abiding citizens, when they were knocked on the door?
"First, as a witness may be caused by a person who really has knowledge of the case. Just call 2 million people, get an apartment, I think unprofessional. Vo-2, conducted oral conversation without a protocol. Specifies a set of questions — where he served as the kind of education. And this invasion of privacy, which is prohibited by the Constitution. because at least some people can come to such questioning and not to testify. In some cases, warned: be ready, you can call the police department. But based on what to call even if a person once served as a sapper? It is a violation of human rights. And I advise simply not respond to provocative questions, as there is no legitimate reason to pull like that person and ask any questions. "
General-Lieutenant Nikolai Cherginets effectiveness of indiscriminate survey inhabitants of the town, in what came resounding sin, believes not the most effective method to simultaneously withdraw the offender. But convinced that you hear from people information can bring in the necessary consequence of the mainstream. In his view, every involuntary witness of the incident he goes to the police. But if you come to the apartment district, the memory can swim some pieces of a day or:
"I myself criminal investigator and worked in the disclosure of crimes. I can say that contact with the population from time to time allows you to get on the offender. Meeting people, interviewing them immediately made comments some questions that remain unanswered. Cause this is a good, albeit a long way. It does not completely effective on the basis of convictions for instant release of the offender. agree that if there were not even 500 thousand, maybe less, but hundreds of thousands of people, maybe someone could give a hint, and to say: , beheld, as a man with a bundle sat in the car with the number 15-17, roughly speaking.’s no other way, this work is provided to the population in all countries of the world. ‘Cause there is not no psychosis, so amateurs can read or those who are willing to compromise police. Unfortunately, it’s bound measures. I do not think they will certainly lead to the disclosure, but their usefulness is all the same. "
Hitherto unclear who specifically seek out law enforcement. Identikit of the suspect, reversing week appeared in crowded places nationwide, first at stations, at the official level recognized as "phony." On what grounds are kept in pre-trial detention current and former activists of the opposition — is not specified. In law enforcement agencies only explain what these people yet nothing is not accused, their interview only as possible witnesses.
It will be recalled that during the investigation of 2-explosions similar 3-year-old in Vitebsk was delayed more than 60 people, but no prosecution has not presented. And Minsk, Vitebsk and affairs are under the personal supervision of Alexander Lukashenko.

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