Polotsk: young activists — millions in fines

Last night detained yesterday Polotsk the Young spent in detention in temporary detention, and now referee Natalia Derevjanko found them guilty under Article 23.34 of Part 3 of the Code of Administrative Violations. Nikolai Demidenko, Ales Krutkin, Sergei Korolenka and Catherine Solovevoj sentenced fines of 30 basic units, or one million 50 thousand each.
By Catherine Solovevoj, none of the defendants denied that yesterday they conducted public campaign to show their desire to live in a truly democratic country. To do this, they went to the building of the city of Polotsk banner "Stop — the dictatorship!" But after 5 minutes were detained by the police.
"It read:" Yes, we stood with a banner. But the calm of people we did not break, did not shout slogans — just argued against policy our country . "And the fact that we were detained — is just and justifies the existence of the dictatorship in our country "- Says Catherine Solovyov.
According to her, the current courts run more faster than yesterday’s event — inviting everyone in his own office, the referee Natalia Derevjanko Minutka through two already announced the verdict.
Lasted a bit longer Ales Krutkin conduct of the case: a young man asked that the trial was conducted on Belarusian language. Referee adjourned for lunch and an hour Tribunal has continued in Belarusian. As noted by those present, it was given to her with certain difficulties.
Another participant yesterday’s action is currently in the clinic: Denis Haberavu after the arrest became ill with heart, and took him from the police, "ambulance". Tribunal over it will be held later. Of all detainees Denis Haber only one who came out on the street action for the first time. Others have repeatedly detained and punished by fines for such actions.

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