Popov: opposition in parliament only the noise and clatter

At the moment, this convocation deputies gather only the 2nd of October. But by this time will be a new election.
Today’s chapter House of Representatives Vadim Popov at a press conference he explained it, as will the possibility to cross the newly elected deputies:
"After the elections, the first meeting must scheduled no later than 30 calendar days. And when elections will be held on September 28, the October 28 will be held the first meeting. And then completed possibility of convening today’s deputies. "
Vadim Popov studiously avoids all that concerned forecasts: how many of today’s deputies would run ended in the fall, whether going to go to the next elections, he personally, as today’s deputies retain their own mandate?
He spoke only about the likely role in a new composition of the parliament of the opposition:
"Let’s go to the next preceding, the convening of the House. Yavna and not obvious opposition. Noise and many cod. This is not the place for political battles. This platform for the creation of laws."
Opposition politician Alexander Dobrovolsky, who was a member of Supreme Council Of the 13th convocation, said "Freedom" that such an approach speaker makes him a nightmare:
"If you are not represented in parliament the public interest, which is always different, unless there is a common position and did not even listen to different views, it means, that Parliament does not want to listen to society is not willing to listen to people.
Political battles are means making informed decisions. And if there is no political battles, when the Parliament no one faction, the solid people were would be shameful about it read. "
Vadim Popov also referred to the "wrong" raise the question of uvyazvanni subsequent EU’s relations with Belarus matter, how will the autumn election campaign. Similar expressions speaker described as "personal statements of individuals." Tags: elections, representatives of the priests, the session, the Chamber

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