Pressure on the opposition — it everyday in the country Lukashenko

"In the last dictatorship in Europe, young Belarusians to go to college, work, start in adulthood. Zapalohvayutstsa And incidentally, excluded from school, losing their jobs, thrown in jail …
Pressure on the opposition — it everyday in the country, which manage municipal Alexander Lukashenko. Besides, who says a word against him, closing his mouth. Lukashenko — the last Teran Europe. The problem is that a significant part of Belarusians yet, Trust him. With addition time, he in power, people have moderate prosperity. For the last 14 years Lukashenko takes the presidency. Many people think that it was he — the guarantor of stability, because it kept the country from chaos, against which after the collapse of the Soviet Union for a long time had beat the big brother of the Belarusian people, the country — a neighbor Our homeland …
Belarus is segodnyaschy so called modern dictatorship. Elections are held, but the president is seeking to subjugate themselves to persistent journalists. There is also a youth culture and subculture, but many bands because of their own music and lyrics do not have the ability to get to the audience. There is no freedom of the press, the majority of the population receives one-sided information. In September, to be elected by the new parliament. No one hardly believes in change, even more so midst Young people. Many behold the their future abroad, "says Spiegel.
In the article "Young people in Belarus. Neposlushlivye and obedient" about life in the empire Lukashenko and his own quest for happiness say five young Belarusians.

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