Price wars will not be

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russia believes that this can be avoided with the implementation of the SDO 2013

The case center of government of the Russian Federation for the first time this year, a conference was held under the supervision of the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. Agenda: results of the 2012 state defense order and tasks for 2013. Excerpts from the most relevant presentations.

2012 was a turning point in the implementation of the SDO. In most areas it is filled with more than 95 percent. For the first time managed to stop the price war between the Defense Ministry and defense companies. The Federal Service for Defense Contracts transferred from the structure of the Ministry of Defence under the direct supervision of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Of course, a number of problems still waiting to be solved. The meeting talked about the most important, from their point of view, the problems in the execution of the SDO and its prospects in 2013.

Two events of the year

In December last year, there have been two important to implement the policy of the Russian Federation, the events in the field of defense and security. This is a federal law on state defense order and approval of the Government of the Russian Federation, the state defense order for 2013 and the planning period of 2014 and 2015.

Timely and quality implementation of the state defense order is important not only for ensuring national defense and security, but also for the sustainable economic and social development of the regions of Russia.

  • Price wars will not be
  • Price wars will not be

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As with any large event, performing defense contracts can not go completely smoothly. And it is our task — to quickly detect and solve problems in this area.

The main purpose of the meeting consider coordination of federal and regional executive branches of government for the timely and quality execution of assignments GOZ in the current year on the basis of already acquired experience.

Briefly about the main directions of our work in the past year. They are:

  • change in control of the Military-Industrial Commission of the results of placement task of the state defense order;
  • submission to the State Duma and the adoption of the federal law on state defense order;
  • laying on the government of the Russian Federation leadership of the Federal Service for Defense Contracts, performing the functions of control (supervision) in the field of defense contracts, etc.

This work has borne fruit.

Thus, the final results of the placement proximate GOZ-2012 in terms of AMSE for our main customer — the Russian Defense Ministry were 99 per cent, of the law enforcement and security agencies — 99.9 percent, of the state corporation "Rosatom" — 100 percent, etc.

Now you need to creatively build on these achievements and use them actively in the current year.

The main problem to be solved within the framework of the GOZ-2013-2015:

Implementation of the provisions of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on May 7, 2012 number 603.

Complete re-units and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as law-enforcement and security agencies with modern AMSE.

The creation of scientific and technological potential for modernization and upgrading AMSE of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the law enforcement and security agencies.

Preservation and development of major science and technology and production capacity of the defense industry and the nuclear weapons complex, and military components of the infrastructure of the state.

The implementation of measures to ensure security of the Comprehensive Plan of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi.

Maintaining the mobilization potential of the state.

Provide day to day activities of the military component of the state, including food, clothing and equipment, fuel and special fuel.

Ensuring the implementation of international agreements on the elimination, reduction and limitation of armaments, the destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles.

Implementation of defense contracts in the current year will have a number of features.

  • Price wars will not be
  • Price wars will not be

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We will demand all over the place, and government customers, and performers from the strict compliance with the provisions of the basic governing document of the implementation of the state defense order — Government of the Russian Federation on the state defense order for 2013 and the planning period of 2014 and 2015.

For the first time in the formation of defense contracts have been used hardware and software for automated evaluation of the state of financial and technological risks associated with the implementation of the state defense order (ASG SDO). In the future, as it is deployed, this system will become a major tool for the development, deployment and implementation of defense contracts.

Expansion of the practice assignments defense procurement by bringing defense enterprises of credit under the state guarantees of the Russian Federation.

The active use of regional outreach meetings as a platform to address the problems encountered in the implementation of the SDO.

Formation of a new mobilization plan of the Russian economy, corresponding to the new look of the Armed Forces and providing a quality solution troops (forces) of their assigned tasks.

The implementation of the state defense order will be held for relying on a new federal law on defense contracts.

Dmitry Rogozin,
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Features of the new law

A number of amendments to the federal law on state defense order was related to strategic planning, the law attempts to describe how GWP, to amend the line of the Administrative Code. I had to spend a lot of work in the committees, factions to explain our position to deputies, the government's position. And we got almost unanimous support in the State Duma and the Federation Council. From 1 January 2013 the law came into force.

What are its main innovations?

Covers the entire procurement cycle, including planning, deployment, execution of the contract. It is possible for government clients and 100 per cent of advances in the allocation for the current year funding.

A separate chapter is devoted to the anti-trust requirements. But the most serious innovation — the ability of different pricing. For the artists in addition to a firm price set two types: expansion costs and clarifies the price.

Laid essential to ensure the profitability of the contract. In addition to the maximum profitability of the law set the minimum margin. Of course, priority is given to local artists. The lead may only be a Russian legal entity. Also expanded the powers of control over the implementation of the SDO.

Further adjustment is necessary bylaws. Need to take about 10 government regulations, mainly on the new pricing. Some of these documents will be ready in the first
quarter of 2013.

Ivan Kharchenko,
first deputy chairman of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Government

Discord is not expected

Pricing ended in discord. Now there will be three types of prices: the estimated (to be confirmed), fixed and reimbursable costs. You also will be more reasonable and flexible approach to the formation of prices, depending on the type of contract (R &D, serial supply, repair or service of the Hour).

December 19, 2012 at a meeting of the MIC approved guidelines to determine the price of R &D, serial supply, repair and maintenance of weapons and military equipment. They are sent to all government customers, Ministry of Industry, the State Corporation "Russian Technologies". If necessary, additional explanations, please contact the MIC. The above methodological framework will operate in the first half of 2013 on the stage of active defense order placement.

As for the CEO SDO, the evaluation of the system of financing the state defense order is created in 2009 in the framework of the Security Council mandate. It will provide a secure version of communication during the execution of the SDO, data on financial performance, the state of defense enterprises, their production, technology base, evaluation of financial, technological risks.

CEO SDO has no domestic analogues and is an information-analytical system that allows on-line to provide access to remote databases, exchange of large amounts of information. In fact, we will be able to see the whole chain of placing the SDO. Home organization implementing this problem — JSC "Control Systems". Enter ACS is planned for 2014, which will allow a whole new level to form the SDO to ensure inter-agency data sharing.

Oleg Botchkarev,
MIC deputy chairman of the Russian Government

Up to the Court

The draft federal law "On Amendments to the Code" On Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation "was developed in response to the decree of the President and Prime Minister of the order. The main objective — increasing personal responsibility for violation of the requirements established by laws and other legal acts of the Russian Federation in the field of defense procurement. It is about creating a new system of rights and duties.

Which came into force a law on defense contracts secured the substantive rules regarding establishment of the duties of state customers on placement and execution of the SDO. This makes it possible to determine the responsibility of officials for failure to meet those responsibilities. The bill proposes to supplement the Code of Administrative Offences of the new articles. In particular, for any failure or disruption of the state contract for refusing a sole supplier for defense contracts from the state contract, for failure to state defense order placement for violation of terms and procedures of payment for the supply of products for serious violations of the accounting and management of the financial and economic activity. The measures provided for rigid enough. For officials — a fine of 20-50 thousand rubles, and in some cases the disqualification of the director. For legal entities — fines from 300,000 to one million rubles.

In addition, it is proposed to establish the jurisdiction of cases in the court of Administrative Offences. In the field of defense procurement — controlling body Rosoboronzakaz. On a more serious violations — the court.

Vladimir Muravnik,
Deputy Director Rosoboronzakaz


Defense procurement carried out by several federal programs. Including nuclear and radiation safety, the national system of chemical and biological security, destruction of stockpiles of chemical weapons, anti-terrorism, as well as part of the preparation for mobilization of the economy. In these areas, the SDO in 2012 was executed by 99.4 percent: capex — 98.8, R &D — 100 percent. Conducted 997 technical papers. Modernized and technically upgrade more than 60 production facilities associated with the production of future fighter aircraft MiG and rocket complex "Iskander" submarines "Northwind" and "Ash".

At the same time, there are examples of non-performance by the SDO state capital investments. The main reasons — various corporate restrictions, particularly with the project documentation. The big problem — the quality of document preparation businesses. The result — the constant disruption of schedule.

10 enterprises have not completed the task on defense contracts in 2012. More on the 80 enterprises had in no small measure to adjust the setting in order to reallocate funds. This amounted to five billion rubles.

In 2013, the need to increase the responsibility of enterprises in the implementation of the SDO. Therefore, the distribution of investments will occur as amended. They will be made available to companies belonging to the structure of the MIC through the head offices of the integrated structures. That is actually manage the implementation of the investment project will be integrated structures that increase the efficiency of the use of budget funds.

With the 2013th will be implemented credit scheme to finance investment projects in the defense industry. All proposals for funding are reflected in the law "On the Budget." Here we go with some advance in the implementation of projects for the management of target programs. The forming of organizational and management plan for the execution of tasks SDO integrated structures. Government passed a resolution approving the rules for granting subsidies to organizations CMO. In the development stage the draft law on state guarantees defense companies.

Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Sale without service

Today, the volume of exports of military products abroad account for more than 15 billion U.S. dollars. In comparison with 2011, the it is almost two billion dollars more. In the past year, we have rediscovered markets and new / old partners in Ghana, Oman, Mali, Tanzania, Afghanistan and several other countries. Worked with the Agency for Maintenance and Supply of NATO's training of Afghan specialists operation and application of Mi-17.

There are, of course, problems with the quality of our products, fixed foreign customers. But on the basis of 2012 there has been a trend for improvement. The main problem — the lack of after-sales service, that we are now doing with the government. This includes improving the regulatory framework. A draft decree of the President of Russia, who will give the right to set up service centers to industrial enterprises, as well as the purchase of critical imported products.

Over the past 10 years we celebrate the growth of exports in general three times. The order book as of today — more than $ 46 billion. Of course, in the export of military products and is part of the state defense order, which in 2012 amounted to 4.4 billion dollars.

The analysis shows that the main reason for lack of full implementation of the export defense contracts — untimely conclusion of agreements between the main administrator of the budget funds and state intermediary or the parent company industry. Also a number of reasons and can be extremely meticulous shaping the product line foreign partners, and cases of delayed opening of financing the Russian Finance Ministry (only after receipt of advance payment from the customer).

Alexander Fomin,
Director FSMTC Russia

Why lagged subcontracting

The organization of our corporation is the head developer and supplier of eight priority areas. First of all, it's aviation systems. In our area of responsibility
of maintaining the base 261 and 201 critical technologies. In 2012, the organization completed the assignment Civil defense contracts worth more than 200 billion rubles. This is more than twice the level of 2009.

Activities included — weekly monitoring of the placement and implementation of the SDO. A commission with representatives from MIC, the Defense Ministry and Trade Ministry for prompt consideration and action on the problems of implementing the SDO. A policy of increasing corporate and personal responsibility of holdings for the results. For example, last year for non-defense contracts fired two CEOs, six were reprimanded, the leadership of four organizations devoid of annual premiums.

One of the systemic problems — the disparity between the marked increase in mass-produced arms deliveries and lack of the required number of components. This primarily applies to private organizations. We hope that with the entry into force of the SDO and the federal contracting system, these problems will be solved more quickly. But attention to it by the military-industrial complex and should not be weakened.

In the past year, customers have been noticeably reduced the time placing the SDO. Most of the contracts state corporations placed before May 1 of last year. That is about 85 percent. Increase the share of long-term contracts, which account for about 80 percent. This practice should be continued in 2013. By the way, the growth of defense contracts, according to our businesses to reach at least 10 percent.

Over the past two years conducted research and development and activities of enterprises and re-training. On it spent about 140 billion rubles, including last year — $ 78 billion. In 2013, the main effort will focus on the performance of tasks in priority areas, in particular in the manufacture of rocket complex "Iskander", electronic warfare, air defense system "Armour-S", the creation of electronic components.

Alexey Aleshin,
First Deputy General Director of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies"

Particular attention — Tofu

According to defense contracts in 2012, USC has fulfilled assignments for 61 government contract. In construction there were 48 ships and vessels under repair — 15 ships in service — about 550. The works by 95 billion 150 million rubles. During 2012, the customer sent an underwater submarine "Yury Dolgoruky". The renovation of two nuclear submarines, made a number of other works.

The analysis of the reasons for non-defense contracts, the results were presented at a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Defence. Prepared a document to correct the situation. One reason for the late delivery of the fleet of ships is that during the construction of the bookmark and had planned a large quantity of arms and military equipment prototypes, which affected the time of their delivery. Unfortunately, their work on the final design did not include testing of the stands due to a lack of funding. As a result, it had to be done directly on the ships.

In the repair work focuses on the ships of the Pacific Fleet.

As part of the boot companies in 2013 provided for a reduction in work by Sevmash. This is due primarily to the fact that almost completed work on the heavy aircraft-carrying ship "Admiral Gorshkov" ("Vikramaditya") and oil platform. To download the enterprises by the Ministry of Defence provided the main activities for the repair of "Admiral Nakhimov".

Andrew Diachkov,
General Director of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation"

Contracts concluded in advance

The plan for the supply of aircraft in 2012 is made in full. Delivered 35 aircraft. In addition, we entered into four long-term contracts, which provide us with steady work for the next five years. It contracts for tactical aircraft — aircraft Su-30 and Su-34, MiG-29K (for the Navy), IL-76.

Under the SDO held repair and modernization of 17 transport and combat aircraft. Made 11 major R &D — the aircraft of the fifth generation, the creation of reserve on drones, repair and modernization of the long-range aircraft and BTA.

In 2013, we should double the supply of aircraft for the Defense Ministry. In the planned target — 66 winged cars. All contracts concluded in advance. This will require coordination of activities within the FTP defense. Repair and modernization provided for 17 aircraft MiG-31, Su-33A aircraft and strategic aircraft Tu-160 and Tu-95.

Must be contracted by "Open Skies." We are also considering a major part in the CAPO cooperation to create a line of aircraft transport aircraft. There are joint plans with India to create a medium transport aircraft and light military transport aircraft.

Mikhail Pogosyan,
General Director of JSC "United Aircraft Corporation"

The main problem — staff

SDO in 2013, we will increase by 2.5 times, and in 2014 2015 — still twice. This presents us with a very acute problem of securing and training of new staff.

As requested by the Prime Minister held us to seek opportunities for housing. At present, translated for housing industrial site area of 4.26 hectares, which will allow us to build about 1.5 thousand apartments. All investments for the construction we involve ourselves. At the same time sought the possibility of additional allocation of 1.2 hectares. This significantly lowers the cost of housing because they do not need to run additional utility grid. As a result, we expect that the cost per square meter is less than 40 thousand rubles at commercial price in the Queen more than 95 thousand. Accommodation will be actually available for the employees of the corporation. The necessary investigations have been conducted, the projects are under examination, and we expect to begin construction in March and April 2013.

MIC also decided to establish a number of boards, including the one that will be engaged in the regulation of pricing issues. He will begin to work tentatively in March 2013 with the involvement of experts from a variety of industries.

Boris Obnosov,
General Director of JSC "Corporation" Tactical Missiles "

Restore Military Spec

In 2012, it was significantly increased the number of long-term contracts (three to nine years), which allocated about 400 billion rubles. It's about 45 percent of the budget funds GOZ 2012.

On the formation of the 2013 state defense order will continue. It is planned to increase the share of such contracts to 64-65 per cent increase in total assets of 200 billion rubles of those 400, which contracted in 2012.

Supervision of the Ministry of Defence decided to restore the population, functions and tasks of military acceptances to the volume of which was in 2010. Minister on this issue made report to the President of the Russian Federation. The proposal is supported, the Defense Ministry launched work on capacity building of military missions in the defense industry.

As for advancing long-term contracts, the Defense Ministry in December 2012 decided to send the released funds (due to the postponement of the execution of contracts) in the amount of 30 billion rubles for anticipatory advances. These funds are aimed at businesses. Today GOZ-2013 proavansirovan already at 75.8 billion rubles.

Anatoly Gulyaev,
Director of the Russian Ministry of Defense weapons

PreparedOleg Falichev

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