Protection regime catering unchanged

Qualifies as hooliganism police explosion that occurred on Avenue Favorites in half past midnight on July 4. Head of Minsk police Anatol Kuleshov told reporters who arrived on the scene soon after the explosion:
"I think the motive of the explosion — predatory. Someone did not like it prazdnichek, well-organized prazdnichek when people really come to rest."
In the first half of a day or city police issued a statement which said the Excitement criminal case on "hooliganism":
"Now NIGHT MODE in Minsk during the final gala concert were manifestations of hooliganism. So, after midnight, an explosion of unknown device, presumably — homemade, as a result of which affected more than 2-10-s of people. Clear figure officially specified" — did statement, press officer of the city police Eugene Net.
I tried to specify the number of victims. At that time, a variety of sources called the number from 37 to 50. "We are currently talking officially that affected more than 2-10-s" — said Eugene Sachek.
Meanwhile was exactly clear that in the clinic Minsk asked for help more than 30 people. They all had wounds inflicted nuts and other metal objects. Shooting iron nuts from the scene and a small funnel on the lawn channels showed Russia, Belarus and Europe, their could find on the Web.
Last KGB Valery Bone believes that it is necessary to institute harsher article than hooliganism:
"Bullies usually do, so that a lot of noise, but there were no casualties. And here still focused on the fact that the victims were. ‘Cause I would have qualified as a terrorist attack or a provocation."

Around afternoon Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov told reporters on July 4, police found a second explosive device that was not applied. According to the minister, this device study spices, "it contains many tracks that gives the ability to understand the incident."
Clear space where he wasfound on the second explosive device, Minister Naumov did not call.
I tried to find out through the press service of the council of Minsk police and the Interior Ministry, but their phones are no longer met. Achievable only helpful attendant MIA. Attendant said that none of the activities that are planned for the days of prazdnichkom not canceled. That’s what the attendant answered the question, not strengthened protection measures in connection with the threat of new explosions:
"What was the regime itself and stayed."
According to the Minister Vladimir Naumov, July 3 police defected on high alert, which runs until July 6. On strengthening the protection regime celebrations in connection with the explosion on Avenue favorites Vladimir Naumov said nothing.

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