Protest dispersed by Gamarnika

At the moment it is in the Russian police department. Lady began before construction crane and would not let him on the platform. Another one of the participants protests pitched builders.
About 10 ka slum street in Minsk Gamarnika blocked with tower wagon kranu.Yany started protesting against the construction of houses on the site of the playground.
The protest began with last night when residents blocked trucks could not pass on construction plyatsovku.Udelniki protests organized a vigil NIGHT MODE. But in the morning the builders were able to drive three trucks to the construction site. But four remained standing along the streets and their inhabitants did not miss.
Also ladies do not miss a small crane on site. Builders had a run-in with the ladies. Later, they called the police. Police detained Nina Narubai and began to take video of participating shares. Ladies were obliged to disperse.

Tags: protests, building, Gamarnika

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