Public committee will protect the interests of the inhabitants of

One of the inhabitants of the house telegram to the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko:
"We ask: save Gamarnika playground, and only 20 public toilets in the" greenish meadow "from the operation of vandals and it is possible corrupt. Behalf of tenants Gamarnik 20, Miroshnichenko, 10."
Construction site fence twine evenly. It hangs announcement that this customer has a high-rise building enterprise "Karpovich." But neither sire Karpovich, nor the leaders of Russian district administration to meet with them not to come. During spontaneous meeting, the deputy chairman of the Party of the BPF, Vintsuk Vyachorka

"This is not the first case when want to capture this sector. Recaptured in 1992 then this attack. Oleg Trusov Then for you to promote. Unfortunately, those documents are lost. But was thena fairly deputy’s request, the deputy letter to the city council, and construction was halted. Neither then nor at this point in genplyane no trace here of the house. And maybe you need to continue these meetings often possible often as possible, just so that they understand people do not give up, do not get used. " Occupants distributed leaflets in which they say that the preparations for the construction carried out in violation of legal acts. A company "Servisbud" seeks to accelerate system work without another examination of the project. Inhabitant Gleb Roubanov
"We demand access to these papers themselves. This is not a municipal lurking. We must ensure that we be given the opportunity to familiarize yourself with this. Seek stop the construction, purpose of public discussion and freeze to destination public discussion — it is our right." Ira Lebedev

"I I have the right the provision of information. I ask the administration, developer, Minsk city executive committee or committee of architecture. In any of these organizations to the last moment did not stipulate that they are engaged. And when you call Karpovich, the secretary replied that it is not. "
Occupants further configured to fight for their rights. They are outraged started construction.Mrs.
"We find ourselves in a dome adorned. Concrete pipe. Children can not breathe, in 10 years our kids will be disabled, because the air will not be any."Another lady

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