Questions to the Director of Liberty supermarket BIGZZ

Advertising — do not train, do not take out a bad product
Correspondent"Not so long ago, the head of the State Control Committee Zenon crush indignant: shopping centers ignore Belarusian products. According to him, (and I quote)" have to crawl on my knees to look on the lower shelves of Russian goods. "Bureaucrat promised that leaders will respond aggressively for refusal from Belarus and illustrated example outrage: In stock 1st hypermarket found a 3-month in store greenish peas and corn, whereas the trading floor were only imported from other countries canned … "

No reason not to trust Zenon Lomat — probably because in some places there

Alexander Pavlov: "There is no reason not to trust Zenon Lomat — probably because in some places there. But the man who scored the 3-month supplies to the warehouse, very near. Or just a bad owner. Virtually all supermarkets work with wheels, they take only the product that is spread on the same shelf. Suppose it sounds rude, but I completely without distinction: it Belarusian, Russian or Polish product. It must provide a turnover. It must not stand on the shelves, it must be twisted. Indicator work shop — this particular sale, the taxes . If we lower the tax characteristics, the first question is: why in the past six months you have had such turnover, and now reduced? Nobody will not allow. "
Reporter: "A general administrative pressure is felt?"

administrative pressure under the motto "sell BELARUSIAN" despite the quality and prices of the Belarusian product to spoil this manufacturer

Pavlov: "Administrative pressure from municipal structures BIGZZ has not. General administrative pressure, unsustainable economically, to put it mildly, is not smart. Since administrative pressure under the motto" sell BELARUSIAN "despite the quality and prices of the Belarusian product spoil first manufacturer. In other words, the manufacturer would not make sense to fight for quality and value. For the promotion of its own product on the market — both internal and external. We’re not talking — will exhibit our products on the shelf and leave it at that. Though what the manufacturer wants to get off and on the international market to sell products abroad. And to sell the product and inside and on the outside market, to survive tough konkurentnst. This packaging, and quality, and cost. Advertising — no engine, it does not take out the product if it is poorly packaged, if he does not look on the shelf. And even more so, if the quality or appearance is not consistent with the concept for this product. "
Correspondent"In other words, under the current Belarusian products as read about some international breakthrough does not go?"
Pavlov"At the moment, the products of such processes more and more there. There are manufacturers who absolutely replicate western packaging and quality, in other words, keep these standards. And I believe that this wave here — say, do not take, do not wish to shops us work comes from the side not completely honest producers who try to dump their guilt, their reluctance to increase the quality of products to trade. "
May be the salvation of investors?

Reporter: "Alexander, you were that with all this lament: no cans, no caps (although hard to expect that they will discover on). Verbovanie investment by manufacturers who have already established themselves in the market, it would be advisable? "
Pavlov: "Of course. Every foreign partner always reclaims tough report: how its funds were spent? Unfortunately, very often you see that production, which is currently produced — to put it mildly, transfer of funds and raw materials. I think that this is — simply transfer funds (bank indicates a suspicious content). Once there were strawberries, and in that they are reincarnated — is unclear. "
Reporter: "As for the fact of the price factor: what is composed, for example, the price of canned mushrooms that exorbitant prices for overseas?"
Pavlov: "It’s difficult sometimes to understand why it is so expensive. During the meeting" Belbakalei "many manufacturers stated: they have to buy raw materials abroad. Essentially it is not even about how to lower the cost of production, but in order to prove the higher price. These manufacturers try to decrease it (reference the 1st of zabugornyh producers), but these (strawberry jar with Belarusian) try to prove why he is like the highest. "
Reporter: "In general claims client expresses not the manufacturer, but for you?"
Pavlov: "Of course. For example, our customers are often treated with claims not even the Consumer Rights Protection Society, and to us. In 1-x, they know that the store receives the product on consignment costly, there are documents that confirm the quality. But! I will not name the company, is that the quality of the product does not comply with the documents that accompany them. If there is some claim from the buyer, we will immediately pick up this product, return it for money. And, accordingly, give written notice to the manufacturer that the product found in certain Zawadzki marriage. "
Reporter: "But it’s not because in the case of car: from the 1st bad can withdraw the entire party?"

So that was later questions: for example, inside — a cockroach. Each bank or he, sorry, his client pushed himself back in order to make a precedent?

Pavlov: "Withdrawn. Were we such cases, a commission when we opened a few cans of the same preservation and beheld: there is the same that we returned to reklyamatsyi. Certainly called representatives of the supplier. Usually when there are 1-2 banks claim completely exactly this game is removed from the implementation to determine events. So that was later questions: for example, inside — a cockroach. Each bank or he, sorry, his client pushed himself back in order to make a precedent? ".
Supermarkets and the market: the struggle for the buyer

"From time to time you can hear the claim: in supermarkets, which were created as wholesale stores, in fact more expensive than in the markets …"
Pavlov: "The process of pricing, at least in this country — there is no kind of creativity of the masses, it is precisely regulated process. Cpetsyyalisty sformirovyvaetsya pricing in retail value in accordance with the law. Supermarkets to increase competitiveness often establish commercial gain very substantially below acceptable. But we should not forget that growth includes national and local taxes, which are increasing its size.
Supermarkets estimated professionals in total turnover is about 1%. And we do not compete among themselves or (each located in different areas and has its own customers), not with prydomnymi shops — it is a totally different format. We compete with the market. What is the market? Product of unknown properties, lack of documentation, no sustained periods of storage product (or with unclear definitions). Because of this, very often — its low cost. And if suddenly administrative resources will be focused on us, in other words at the shops, first, what will happen — we will lose clientele. In this case, it happens very quickly, simultaneously. A man came into the store — not the usual assortment. Initially, quarreling and will claim to find, and later it will start to find elsewhere. Markets rapidly offer customers a product that they took in stores. In other words, instead of taking a step forward, we will create a step backwards. And maybe even a couple of small steps. We do not yet feel but zastseragaemsya …
I will conclude with a quote determining marketing Kotler (found
er of the theory of marketing): "Create, propose and implement only need a product that is needed to please their own population needs. Ignorance market needs — the main scourge of certain manufacturers. Trade, on the contrary, they are very well aware , and his view is worth considering taking a decision on the issue one way or other products … "

Separate products in Belarusian stores already 100% local. Meats, poultry (chicken and turkey), bread, soft drinks almost all domestic production

Separate products in Belarusian stores already 100% local. Meats, poultry (chicken and turkey), bread, soft drinks almost all locally sourced. And this is the cut, which from the merchants, with very few exceptions, no complaints. Belarusian dairy products by 80%, confectionery — half of the range.
The actual "failure" — conservation and the freshest vegetables. Canned vegetables, fruits, sauces, ketchups own weight in not withstand competition with zabugornom analogues neither in appearance nor price. Unpleasant affect prices freshest tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, which, though grown in local farms, but in the forms and the prices they are inferior to the brought.
Belarusian standards and zabugornoy products in the visual and price comparisons.

Mushrooms: Chinese (left — 5040 rub.) And Belarusian (right — 12 400 rubles.)

Canned strawberry: Belarusian (left — 3850 rub.) And import (right — 4020 rub.)

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