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I still was not clear why the non-systemic opposition is not so popular among the people as, say, system. There was all very simple — NESISOPy Russian people despise myself and absolutely do not associate with him. Here are just a few examples:

Eduard Limonov Veniaminovich, former chairman of the banned Russian National Bolshevik Party (NBP)
"… Today, schools are sitting on the desks are 13-year and 15-year-old" girl "that blossomed from their desks pop corporal. They do not have a place on the desks — they are in bed. <…> The girls need to quickly translate into girls, even copulate — the result is striking. The result will be no loosening of society, but on the contrary — the society will calm their neuroses "…"
The book "The Other Russia» http://www.nbp-info.ru/ne…ib/lim_anotherrus/16.html

Valeria Novodvorskaya, founder of the right-wing party "Democratic Union".
"… Russian in Estonia and Latvia have" proved his whining, his linguistic ineptitude, its thrust back into the Soviet Union, his passion for red flags that they should not be allowed into European civilization. They put in the bucket and did the right thing … "
The article "Do not give up our right to the left!" In the newspaper "The New Look" (a supplement to "Moskovskaya Pravda») http://www.kommersant.ru/doc.aspx?DocsID=132046

Konstantin Borovoy Natanovich, Russian businessman and politician. The general manager of the Russian Commodity Exchange (RCE)
"… Cry from the heart. This is a cry from the heart yesterday once again looked around and realized that we live in the worst country … "
"… Depression. He returned home after a month's trip to Europe — London-Paris-Berlin-Madrid. Fully realized in what shit we live in, and that the end of this shit never will be … "
the video "Cry from the heart. K. Borovoj "and the video" Depression. Novodvorskaja, Borovoy "
http://shmakovka.info/vid…key =% C1% EE% F0% EE% E2% EE% E9

Peter M. Hamsters, one of the organizers of the "Russian branch of the international national democratic movement."
"… Such appeals dismantling all that's left of the living and decent in the middle and at the bottom of the social pyramid of the Russian Federation. With such a dismantling reconciled inert Russian cattle, yesterday idolized shpanistogo Playboy in the president's chair … "
Article Effect Protesilaus 10.01.2010 http://www.anvictory.org/…name=pages&op=view&id=556

Kubarev Valery, The President FSNRS "Prince."
"… That's it! We better not to disturb us, and it is better not to argue with. Prostrate, Muckbreath!!!..
Smerd (plural smerdy) — the category of the population, "Russian Truth". A member of the rural community, but directly dependent on the prince of Kievan Rus in the farmer during the XI-XIV centuries. In the Novgorod Republic smerdy were dependent on the state. In a more recent extension, — all the peasants, the main population of the country, lower social stratum.
The word serf ("serf", "smurd", "smord", "smordon") is an Indo-European origin in the meaning of "person", "addict", "common man." Smerdy had their own land, and led to her farm had to pay taxes to the prince and serve natural duties.
Smerdy! Do not stink! … "
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