Rally in defense Loshitsa Park

In Loshitsa park in Minsk maintained order and earthworks which change the appearance of the historic manor and park. Public worries persist park and manor as historical monuments.
Participants protests adopted a resolution. They demand that the reconstruction plan was written in media disk imaging, so were heard representations of people who are engaged in the preservation of historical heritage, and by the time all the work was stopped.

The gathering also made Belarusian bards. The protesters agreed to gather again in Loshitsa park on Saturday.
For action followed police. Deputy Governor of the Leninsky district police approached youth activist Franak Vyachorka and said that for this action he faces 15 days in jail.

During Stalin’s purges in Loshitsa were shot by the discoverer Kurapaty Poznyak, from 7 to 10 thousand innocent victims. Perpetuating their memory at the park with a cross around which every year Dzyady members of the Conservative Christian Party BPF conduct memorial service. Tags: Loshitsa

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