Regional favorites opposition — on Lukashenko promises

Yesterday Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting in Minsk that parliamentary elections should be held "very open, democratic and fully transparent." Oh, so comment on these expressions of opposition activists in the regions.
I appeal to the chairman of the Minsk regional organization of the United civilian party Leonid Margolin.
Reporter: "Today you said that Lukashenko is not the first time gives generous promises …"

It’s like an Indian fakir all calls for elections in Belarus have become transparent

Margolin: "It’s like an Indian fakir all calls for elections in Belarus have become transparent, democratic and conscientious. And in my opinion, this can be done simply and directly. During 1-x,-independent and allow party representatives in election commissions at all levels . NOT to drive voters to the premature vote. Change ballot boxes to transparent, make them out of plastic. And whereupon is no need for any spell. "
So says Leonid Margolin from Borisov. Next — world-democracy activists in the Vitebsk region Leonid Gorovoy:
"Equal opportunity in this campaign will be, if in every election commission will include representatives of the democratic forces. 110 List of candidates was submitted in advance. If included, it will be a chance that the elections could be democratic.
I put forward the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) in the district election commission. Now just the last day, in which Executive Committee shall decide. Will be seen. And what are the claims on radio and television, the it’s just discussion. "
Managing the electoral headquarters of Mogilev regional coalition of democratic forces Yuri Novikov ask clarification: who are the 11 members of opposition parties and movements, which are nominated to the electoral district commissions?
"This is a fairly well-known people: teachers institutions known public figures. Because accuse them of incompetence of the authorities now have reason not to be. As a result of this meeting, it will be possible to give the preparatory assessment, in line with what will take place today for your campaign, just as the authorities are willing hold it democratically. "
Gomel region of "Freedom" received reports of pressure on nominees to the district election commission. This says a businessman and public activist from Zhlobin Anatoly Popov:
"I’ve heard the expression president that elections will be free and democratic. But I do not believe. Indeed by example sure the field is made tremendous pressure on people who wish to participate in the organization of elections. For one category of people — some conditions for those who indicate loyalty power — completely different. "
Information about the situation in Grodno provides member of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Roman Yurhel:

No we do not admit even to observe the formation of commissions

"I am now in 9th and am walking in the executive committee, to determine when and which will formed the county commission. Head of organizational and personnel work Leonid Lermantovich said to me that does not know anything yet, offered to call later, but later again he knew nothing. I came to the conclusion that nobody can admit even to observe the formation of the commission, as it was at the previous election. "Tags: elections, candidates, election, commission rgieny

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