Retired KGB and a meeting with the prosecutor

The Presidium of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces zayavviv the ability boycott parliamentary elections due to the repression of opposition activists after the blast in Minsk on July 4.
The Bureau claimed to finish the pressure on pro-democracy activists and sent into retirement the KGB, which was engaged in "political assault organization."
In a statement, the United Democratic Forces also says authorities in recent weeks stepped up pressure on activists who are going to take part in election campaigns.
Relative blast on July 4 in a statement that "it is a sin, the organizers and performers who are not established, the government used to intimidate pro-democracy activists." The document also notes that the elections for the House of Representatives are "gross violations of the electoral law and the constitution."
The Bureau urged the Prosecutor General of Belarus to take measures to restore constitutional order in the country.
Favorites of the United Democratic Forces gather all the means likely to seek the release of opposition activists detained in the case of an explosion on July 4 concert in Minsk. They are calling the actions of solidarity with the detainees, refer to the Belarusian and international society to express protest in connection with the recent events.
Member of the Political Council of the UDF Sergei Kalyakin noted that favorite opposition also require an urgent meeting with the Attorney General in connection with the recent unfounded arrests of opposition activists.
The basic meaning of the Presidium of the Political Council of the present application provides SLM Vintsuk Vyachorka:

Appeal to the OSCE to not send a mission to Belarus international observation

"We state that began unbridled political repression during the campaign, that in this situation talk about the free and fair elections is not completely necessary. C one side, Lukashenko says to the audience about his own claim to the municipal structures to ensure transparency and free elections, and on the other hand, subordinate structure hyped this flywheel repression. The vast majority of detainees in the blast case — activists of the democratic political parties and organizations. In this situation, we consider the possibility of revising the format of the UDF role in the election campaign and appeal to the OSCE to not send a mission to Belarus international observation, if not immediately released all the detainees during the last 3 days. "
Vintsuk Vyachorka convinced that these repressions worth Lukashenko personally.
"He probably thought he could get up to anything and turn the country into a concentration camp. Unfortunately, the power went to the bad old ways after the most catastrophic action on July 4. Our government warnings were not heeded."
Last detention virtually paralyzed election headquarters Lebedko and A. Dobrovolsky. Yesterday was arrested Alexander Sergienko, member of the UCP and managing active group to nominate a candidate Anatoly Lebedko. Favourite UCP Anatol Lyabedzka said about the current detention of 3 more activists of the party: member of the board of UCP Misha Pashkevich that controls activities of the group A. Dobrovolsky, also control the Minsk city organization "Young Democrats" Vital Stazharau and control organization "Young Democrats" Minsk Central District Kirill Pavlovsky.
According to Anatoly Lebedko, their actions authorities are pushing the opposition to boycott the parliamentary elections:

At this moment we should question the boycott, which declared itself Lukashenko

"The final decision can only take political advice. But there is already enough reason to collect recent political council and consider changing the format of our role in the election campaign. Authorities began political terror. We will encourage people to come to the rally of solidarity. Currently worth and question the boycott, which declared Lukashenko himself …. This is a demonstration of power helplessness, because it works unprofessional. Which means come to a man break, break down the door, pick up nails and arrest the person? It’s just is a campaign to intimidate the people, that they did not take part in elections. Lukashenko is afraid of these elections and wants to make the situation of psychosis. Then we will not have until the election, we will think about the people who are sitting in jail, and not about how to work with voters. It is used at the moment absolutely. Crusade began. "
PKB favorite Sergei Kalyakin states that more convinced of the reality of their own previous suspicions regarding possible involvement of imperative structures in an explosion on July 4.
"All are trying to impose a purely political track and find blame in one direction. What per se unprofessional if talk about the case, or it was conceived at the beginning. "
Personally opposition to Lukashenko has not yet drawn, but Kaljakin sovereign states he wished would, so he correlated his yesterday’s statement about democratic elections and that what’s happening in fact:
"The absolute difference of what we heard yesterday on television that sounded from the lips of the President, and the fact that at the moment comes naturally to anyone familiar with this information. "

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