Reversed in the 90s, to barter? Can be in the stone age vorachivatsya

Prime minister Sergei Sidorsky noted that Belarusian companies should use the experience of the 90s. How can assist current economy barter, deferred payments and other economic processes inherent in the 90th year? Or prevent mass layoffs authority, and that such a situation are able to do are independent trade unions? On these and other issues in the transfer of "Examination of Freedom" meet economist Leonid Zlotnikov and chairman of the Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk.

Vitaly TsigankovTsigankov"How can assist current economy barter, deferred payments and other economic processes inherent in 90th years? Whether they are necessary in the current economic situation?"

"The first time I heard that the head of government
he was a pioneer of the transition to barter "

Leonid ZlotnikovZlotnikau"There are many circumstances why businesses scamper to barter. But the first time I hear that the head of the government he was a pioneer of such transition. Enterprises scamper, in the 1-x, because the lack of liquidity, not enough money because they have to pay huge amounts of interest on loans. Vo-2 — is an attempt to continue the existence of inefficient companies, inefficient economy. Indeed, the inability to earn money or lend it shows the ineffectiveness of the manufacturers who can not do without barter. "
Tsigankov"We reflect the macroeconomic neuvvyazkami, over how the crisis will affect the Belarusian enterprises, but the company — is alive people are workers, engineers and administrative staff. Who is more helpless in this situation?"
Yarashuk"Naturally, the first ordinary workers suffer. Though, of course, is not honey and management, and engineering and technical personnel. But in such cases the first expenses are those who work specifically in the workplace. Will reduce wages, as Accordingly, the work will not. can predict the likely and job cuts.
Excellent news is that at the level of senior management of the country came to realize that the crisis can not escape if it goes on more or less open economy. After all, it was surprising to hear the argument that we are not affected and not affected.
And two words about barter. Reversed in the 90s? You see, it is possible and in the stone age vorachivatsya. For some reason, no country among those affected by the crisis, is not such a debate. Vorachivatsya need a normal market economy, where the market has run universities, including those who do not anticipate the existence of loss-making companies. "
Tsigankov"If we talk about barter, then, as I understand it, this is the form that allows for more violations than in the ordinary economy. This, perhaps more unleashes various supervisory bodies .. More will shake the board?"

"In general chaos may occur"

Zlotnikau"At this point, too, shaking management companies, and many of them are sitting in the bullpen. Anyway we will work regulatory authorities.
But this is not the main loss for the economy if it is to expand barter. Not only will lose workers who will issue payroll plates and they will sit here and seek to implement them. But to lose and the government — management tools of macroeconomic policy. This monetary policy and fiscal policy. And living without these tools means lost. Then the general chaos may occur.
Tsigankov"Certainly, the government thinks it is, and Sidorsky maybe did not mean a complete transition to barter, and its application in some exceptional cases?"
Zlotnikau"Just unreal, that ran across the entire economy at the moment on the commodity exchange. Indeed at the moment so the detailed division of labor in the world that go to these" tools "such as cement, metal, meat — it means losing economic efficiency. This is a very bad moment and, as rightly pointed out the emperor Yarashuk transition if not in the Stone Age, the Middle Ages. "
Tsigankov"Alexander, you had read that the consequence of the crisis can be and dismissal. But President Lukashenko for kutsee than once stated that management does not prevent mass layoffs. But if there is no marketing product that will make these unwanted hands? "

"Will need true unions"

Yarashuk"It is unlikely that there will be mass layoffs, because the authorities there is the threat of increased social tension. Economic prepyadstviya will be transformed into political, and what it will end, nobody knows.
Likely to be what is currently being done already by MAZ. Canceled the third shift, offer to go on vacation and another, and at their own expense. I think we will return to a state where unemployment is not obvious and the hidden. This, perhaps, a little better than layoffs. After all, we do not want to, that they were — I think at least some reasonable person would wish that this country has faced. But in any case, social tensions will grow.
With regard to regulatory bodies, such performances will be drawn to show that someone has lost responsibility and need to tighten up the nuts. "
Tsigankov"In such criteria may have increased the weight and authority-independent unions? Either they are so destroyed that people are unlikely to turn him?"
Yarashuk"Crisis and the litmus test, it will show immediately if there is defenders of workers’ rights in enterprises or they do not. Positive is that we can come to a period of severe reforming trade union movement of real unions. Will they go in the Belarus Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, or they will go into the Federation — it is not so important, it is a matter of technology. But most importantly, they will need real trade unions, workers’ rights defenders. " Tags: payroll, crisis workers, factory

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