ROL: The Way of slavery

"Russia is interested in capturing" the Panama corridor "through the terrain of Belarus. We need highway, pipeline. Else — grass does not grow. This impartial, our enthusiasm, Russian imperial enthusiasm."
Sergei Dorenko, "Free announcements plus", in April 2008. "

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy:
"Here is the statement on the pages of the newspaper made the Belarusian recognizable Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko, whose presence in the political games was also seen. So, the geographical position of Belarus — the center of Europe — not only can be good, and bad for civilization?"
Oleg Trusov: "Yes, as all roads lead to imperial slavery captive nations, beginning from Rome and ending Russian empire. Roads were built for sporting movement troops to suppress the rebellion of the oppressed peoples and take the stolen valuables. Recall how on the new Russian roads were taken in 1812 values taken from Nyasvizh castle. "
Rakytskyy: "Belarus has excellent road branched — from east to west and from south to north. Course, whoever they blazed, who had a goal to lead the road to prosperity, economic and political freedom. General, this is the purpose roads. Cause they then become the method of slavery? "
Pant: "Looking at who they blazed. When there were masters inhabitants majestically Duchy of Lithuania, it was the one on the right. If Belarusian terrain occupied Russians road to serve other purposes. Russian Empire started one of the first places in Europe and in the world only after the partition of Poland capture and Belarus. And first we did the invaders, they began to build a military road from East to West. "
Rakytskyy: "When those roads were built in the Belarusian lands that were captured?"

Pant: "After the first partition of Poland, Catherine gave the order to build roads, terrain Eastern Belarus. It was immense, surrounded by trees, roads, people were nicknamed Catherine. After capturing vsmey Belarus were constructed road Moscow — Warsaw, St. Petersburg — Kiev, Smolensk — Vitebsk Riga, also the way through Brest-Litovsk. Eminent engineer and historian who lived a long time in Belarus, General Mike No-Karnilovich outlined the process of building these roads, "surveyor milestones indicate the direction and width of the postal roads, measures determined by their length, designated places where mail will be at home and at every 700 — x fathoms set milestones. " In 1805, approved a new type of a milestone — a tree height of 4.5 feet of (3.2 meters.) Square in cross-section, painted with red and black stripes and inclined plate, which was specified distance from one post to another. Pushkin in his own work, "Winter Road" wrote: "Only a mile striped across odne." The pillars were properly export prisoners peoples in Siberia. These roads were taken there and Belarusian insurgents. "
Rakytskyy: "But Russia also failed to realize that soon war breaks Napoleon against Russia. And these roads will go on their French. Clear that French ruler praklyamavav that his campaign against the East is the liberation operation prisoners Russian peoples, including Belorussians, or as then says Litvin. So the road had a chance, so to speak, to change his puzzle — from zapalanennya to liberation? "
Pant: "There have. Especially since due delicious Russian roads even Napoleon captured Moscow. He is very fast on these roads drove to Moscow. Another thing that Napoleon promises were empty. No freedom has received neither know nor farmers. And when the French retreated, were merciless cold, and they not only dismantled the roads and bridges, but set fire to the woods near the road to heat. Ah well, for witnesses, then looked up the road from Orsha to Borisov: "Rows of birch trees planted along roads were completely burnt: each tree is not only the road, and in the depths of the forest was set on fire. It seemed that the French built a fire at the foot of each tree, because everyone was half burnt, or deep wounds. "
Rakytskyy: "The war is over, and the Russian again began to rebuild the road. And not just the very fabric accompanied highway, and absazhvali their trees to bravparadkovvali. I’m not making this up, and now, when vyyazhzhaev on imperial tract lyubuessya rovnenko highway lines. True condition coverage already in most cases finished off … So why so fussed about the Russians highway at that time? "

Cowards, "Since after the victory over Napoleon Russian Empire for a long time was the gendarme of Europe. Alexander And in 1819 he published a subsequent decree:" Belarusian road to throw in their actual video, just trying to improve, where it will be necessary, repair and planting new trees to alleys everywhere were in order. ". In 1817 — 1819 years was determined by the width of the road in dry and hard ground — 5 yards (10.6 meters), and in Myagenkaya, clay or black soil — 10 yards (21.3 meters).
Rakytskyy: "What enthusiasm persecuted Russian authorities when the terrain Belarus began to build highways How it affected the fate of Belarusians?"
Pant: "First they had economic objectives. This — export products from Belarus and colonial baggage products through Belarus. But here nothing settled. Contrast, recently exported. And the roads unwittingly led people to beggary. Hundreds of beggars on the same roads were begging in the Russian capital . second goal — the roads had to be such that it was possible to simply suppress their uprising. They were wide — 6 yards (12.6 meters), pavement-stone finely pricked. paves longish, straight lines 5 — 10 km, as a ruler. absazhvalisya And with 2 rows of trees. 1840 — 1850s through Belarus routed through roads two Russian Empire: Moscow — Warsaw (via Brest, Ivantsevichy, Slutsk Dovsk, shouting) and St. Petersburg — Kiev (in Vitebsk, Orsha, Mogilev, Dovsk, Gomel). Transit Roads built for troop movements frisky in Western Europe and the Crimea. On these roads were the royal troops to suppress the Hungarian uprising in 1848 and shameful for Russians Crimean War. And not even here poor quality of roads in bad bad old guns and command is not saved by the Russians from total defeat and death of the Black Sea Fleet. Because no accident travelers mid XIX century defined our roads as the best in Europe. "
Rakytskyy: "As I understand it, on the ground of Belarus in the midst of the 19th century there was a real road-building boom. And it’s probably because the good. Appeared jobs and means growing human well-being …"
Pant: "This is so not true. Indeed as a cheap labor force used Belarusian farmers armed with a shovel and wheelbarrow ordinary. Appeared brand new profession — Digger, a person who knows how to perfectly and quickly dig. Incidentally, in the midst of the diggers had a lot of ladies. And thousand Belarusian farmers laid their bones along Russian roads. "
Rakytskyy: "But all the same, whether that’s because 100 percent state that all 19th century roads led Belarus exclusively in captivity? Lude still resisted the uprising occurred …"
Pant: "On these roads have been the royal troops to quell the rebellion both Belarusian 19th century. Particularly negative role they played during the uprising Kalinowski. Roads were built so that the royal artillery could rapidly shoot rebels until they gathered in huge squads. Yet rebels roamed the back roads between their estates along the highway were the royal troops to suppress them. "
Rakytskyy: "What is the fate of Belarusian roads in the 20th century? Where were they Belarus?"
Pant: "Belarusian road became an emblem of the struggle for the future independence o
f the Belarusians. They sang in their own works and Jakub Kulos and Yanka Kupala and other poets. First 20th century Midsummer wrote:" I am the way, that age is no peace … "Midsummer aware that the roads are Belarusians prisoner and dreamed, that they brought civilization to freedom. But on our roads in the 20th century drove the two world wars. In 1915, against the will of their hijacked in the hundreds of thousands of Russian-Belarusian peasants fugitives. Many of them not stand this way and died on the way, especially the elderly and kids. Incidentally, Yanka Kupala in those war years was the road builder and served in road construction teams Warsaw Military Area. "
Rakytskyy: "Why is it so carelessly treated Belarusians to roads in the 20th century, why they were always broken? By the way, they are split and now …"
Pant: "So long as Belarusians were not masters of these roads, and they realized that if the roads are in good condition, the invaders will get them faster and robbed. Here and in a couple of second world war Belarusian partisans blew any roads, and so well that 5 years later they could not rebuild. "
Rakytskyy: "In the same way the motion is from east to west and from west to east. Always are equally But he was saturated in both directions? Or equivalent at the time he was BSSR? Or do and how samples still make movement more saturated in the direction of Berlin, and not Moscow? "
Pant: "The first such attempt was made until 1980, when passed through Belarus segment of so-called Olympic road. Was necessary to show foreigners that the Soviet Union — a European country. Highway prakladvalasya not for military purposes, but for the purpose of propaganda."
Rakytskyy: "Now-independent Belarus. Either are independent of the road on her pass? Either they completely lost the function of the way in bondage?"
Pant: "In the Soviet era all samples were carried out distances from Moscow. But the days of independence July 2, 1998 in the center of Minsk was opened a special symbol" Starting roads Belarus. "By the way, decorated in Belarusian. This — beautiful granite stone brought from Portugal, on bronze cartouche which marked the distance from Minsk to capitals adjacent countries, regional and district centers of the country, as the lines of the poem Kolas dedicated roads. In 2000 Belarus ranked 15th in the world for road density per square kilometer and 12 in Europe by the length of roads in a thousand inhabitants. And at the moment Belarus should join the Euro programmke Union to make the best state of their own roads. There are tools for dealing political will control the country. "

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