Russia Arms Expo 2013 sensations fenced off from new products

Russia Arms Expo 2013 sensations fenced off from new products
Complete their work in Nizhny Tagil arms exhibition ground troops Russia Arms Expo 2013 (RAE-2013) supplied by several observers immediately extensively discussed premieres and novelties. But these are they in reality, and not if we missed something in the sonorous presentations? What is in fact devoted to RAE-2013?

Premiere salon, fly out on the first band, as is often the case in the near future, are not premiers. New Tank «Armata» Secret shown Dmitry Medvedev does not count: it is still hidden tank — almost as a joke, ending with the words «because we have for you is not about them will tell.»

Suppose a fundamentally new «Armata» expects its own in 2015, when it promised to roll out to the Victory Parade. A show that is at the moment?

Here, for example, tank support combat vehicle BMPT — «Terminator» as he began to call for something, although the official cipher machine so far has not. Yes, it made certain configurations in comparison with previous versions. But this machine exclusively in its current form (as a result of R & D «Frame 99») for about 15 years, and on the concept — above 25, it goes back to Russian attempts to create an armor BMP on tank chassis.

Russia Arms Expo 2013 sensations fenced off from new products

BMPT «Terminator 2»


Later told that, it turns out, the subsequent version of «Terminator 2» will have to do on the chassis of the newest «Almaty was.» It is remarkable how this affected the prospects BMPT Russian armed forces? As they were close to zero, so while stored — in staffing, «languid» brigades unclear technical view is not consistent even at the level of airborne weapons, requirements to finalize the standard no orders, respectively, are not. «Development activities», as they say in such cases in the industry.

Here’s another «nail salon» — Cooperative with the French concept of the heavy wheel with BMP-57 mm automatic production of the Nizhny Novgorod CRI «Petrel». Until real BMP there a few far, well, vague claims made by machine, though not without interest. Here at the car until like no, but practically in the lounge to put her plate not with the title, but then with the acronym ATOM.

Something new in the car, to put it mildly, a little. Base — excellent popular French BMP VBCI. Except that the new Russian module with 57-mm cannon, but as it will be displayed on the declared properties, but he still will get accustomed to this chassis based on the belief of combat implementation — questions obviously not 2013, and the following.

And so completely for themselves, «africa-tank» for export to third countries, particularly if thought out set of weapons and make this whole family of database machines. But — obviously not news front pages. While making a splash recently left the salon website, a photo litsezrev imported in Nizhny Tagil mega BMP, alarmed, thinking that this is unfortunate «Boomerang» — Wheeled platform promising to combat vehicles of the Russian army.

Mention of these «updates» you can see the report in any of the RAE-2013, as well as cosmetic upgrades attendants mention the T-72 and T-90. But in the 2nd row are already true announcements that bad noticed.

For example, there are very worthy of attention optoelectronic devices surveillance and targeting, namely, thermal imaging. Thus on the basis of Russian element: a couple of years the French localization technologies and its own work in the field of creation of matrices already given itself felt.

Or, say, gives VTB «Military-Industrial Company» Oleg Deripaska’s funding by 2.3 billion rubles for the creation of a center for the design of light wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. And what is «MIC» — It Arzamas and Arzamas — it’s not only bored BTR-80, BTR-82A and BTR-buried already 90, it’s also that «Boomerang».

Russia Arms Expo 2013 sensations fenced off from new products

T-90 at the exhibition Russia Arms Expo — 2013

Source: Ilya Kramnik / «Voice of Russia»

In the background Tagil exhibition is some ongoing work and menacing looking for new (and not modifications of already known), in general, do not indulge. Novelty are unless somehow tighten the wheels industry. It does not make a splash? Yes, do not do it. On the title does not pull. But if this stuff? No.

This is the logic of all salons era accelerates defense contracts. So was reversed last month MAKS-2013. Problem producer in its own weight has changed: no longer need to run around looking for at least some foreign customers and whenever wriggle inside out, but to show something new. Appeared customer already half-forgotten little — the government and the need to understand how accurately and on time to fulfill already formulated and funded job of the defense department.

And this requires business contacts, the study of technological and industrial capabilities each other, forming chains scrupulous in cooperation on complex weapons systems, research abilities to unify platforms.

In terms of innovation should expect faster RAE-2015. It was then that may be already on the composition of the exposure to judge how the Russian «defense industry» really ready to create new standards of combat equipment of the Army.

Benefit in time for 2015, we expect the first large output current funding, «Armata», «Kurganets», «Boomerang» and a host of other new systems.

Konstantin Bogdanov, a columnist for RIA Announcements

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