Russia is among the top five economies in the world and in Washington have learned that the Russian «spit on the United States»

Russia is among the top five economies in the world and in Washington have learned that the Russian
To rescue the Syrian «opposition» Taliban come. — «… Death at the hands of well-armed army of Bashar Assad.» — It is not true about the crash of the F-16? — Veterans of American politics give advice to Mr. Obama. — Rouhani criticizes Ahmadinejad’s policies. — Israel, open to the world the truth! — Israeli missiles can reach Russia. — «Our people shot in the head …» — Homosexuality Britain. — Ukrainian climate for NATO will not do. — In Argentina, data flowed. — South American laws undermine public safety. — In Colorado, preparing to open the season on «drones.» — Snowden addressed in FMS. — U.S. neuvvyazkami scare Russia. — Russian «spit on the United States.» — Snowden recommended to make a bear on a leash. — Antarctic tricks. — Our homeland rises.

To rescue the Syrian «opposition» Taliban come. In Syria began arriving from Pakistan militants «Taliban.» These people are pouring into the structures close to the «Al Qaeda» and other Islamist groups, reports «RT» referring to the British media. Sunni militants goal — to kill Shiite enemies in Syria supported Iran and «Hezbollah».

«When our brothers need help, we will provide it, we sent to Syria hundreds of our people», — quotes «Times» 1st of the control of the Pakistani Taliban. «An influx of fighters from Pakistan into the camp of the opposition is a new twist in the Syrian decline — the newspaper said. — But with the increased pressure on the government forces, increasing the number of jihadists in opposition even more capable to split it. «

Meanwhile, in the press there are serious contradictions between «Al Qaeda» and the so called «opposition».

According to Darya Volkova («»), «Al-Qaeda» wants to announce the development of Islamic countries in Syria living under sharia law. It is reported by the Arabic newspaper «Al-Sharq al-Awsat,» with reference to the representative of the Free Syrian Army.

Militants are going to oust the SSA fighters fighting against government forces and seize terrain on the Syrian-Turkish border. Islamists will control the flow of guns and ammunition, which come from Turkey, and at the same time and will be able to dispose of the funds that are received for sale Syrian oil smuggling.

«Rebels» and then declared that they are seeking to prevent militant attack. Opening a second front, they said, it will weaken the fighters in the confrontation with the regime. Active acts of militants are expected at the end of Ramadan (August 8-9).

«… Death at the hands of well-armed army of Bashar Assad.» SSA commander Salim Idris accused the prime minister of England in betrayal of the Syrian rebels. General made this statement in an interview with «The Daily Telegraph». The reason for the charge of treason Cameron was his refusal to support the decision of the EU control arms supplies to the Syrian opposition, reports

David Cameron refused to endorse this decision with the words: «Too hard all there to interfere. And besides, if we are not talking about such weapons, which we can not deliver because of fears that it falls into the wrong hands, our supplies will not give the opposition a decisive advantage. Only inflame the conflict even more. «

Salim Idris said in response: «His refusal to David Cameron virtually condemns us to death at the hands of well-armed army Bashar Assad. Europe verbally support us, giving hope, but then refuses to help, and the more, the more it resembles a bad joke. I would really like to see the British premiere of his eyes. In addition, failure Cameron dramatically increases the effects of «Al Qaeda» in the midst of those who oppose the Syrian regime. «

True about the crash of F-16? In the last days of the world excite commentary announcements about the Israeli strike on Syrian military depots in Latakia. South American journalist Richard Silverstein claims that the Israelis killed in stock S-300 components. U.S. officials said «CNN» (anonymously) that the purpose of impact — to defuse anti-missile «Yakhont». Newspaper «Sunday Times» writes that Israeli military attack submarine class used «Dolphin», firing cruise missiles, medium-range actions. Stated goal is the same — missile «Yakhont». Article published on the relevant topic not so long ago and the website «Veterans Today», reports «Rosinformbyuro.»

8th July, the Israeli media reported that about 50 kilometers from the Gaza coast crashed F-16. Pilot and navigator managed to eject. Machine commit ordinary training flight, when the pilots were told about a malfunctioning motor. The crew tried to cope with the problem, but then decided to leave the plane. Almost everything in this disk imaging — not true, says military analyst «Veterans Today» Michael Chester. Only the fact that Israel has indeed lost the F-16.

And one more news that released many publications: eventually rocket hit Syrian S-300 downed F-16 Israeli Air Force with a crew of 2 persons. It happened 48 hours before the incident, which wrote Israeli journalists, about 650 kilometers from the alleged crash site.

According to informed sources, reported the downed aircraft off the coast of Gaza — misinformation. Its purpose — to hide the loss of the F-16 during the attack on the Syrian warehouse.

Chester gives several arguments: 1) C-300 — is mobile missile systems designed for deployment frisky; 2) components of the S-300 missiles themselves or not be stored in a vulnerable spot; 3) The pilots of the highest qualification (and in Israel there are any) are trained to get air defense system. IDF could carry out an attack on the 15-meter height, but leave whole … «is quite another.»

«The death of the 1st aircraft still fairly easy to hide. But becomes natural that in the case of a serious conflict air loss will be very bolshennymi.

When the Syrians will be able to deploy a hundred percent at C-300, West’s plans bloodless ground operation would be history. «

Veterans of American politics give advice to Mr. Obama. Veterans of American politicians have called for the U.S. president to use only diplomatic means in dealing with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, reports «Rosbalt».

«We urge your administration bezotstupno use real time (election of the president in Iran) to start a new step bilateral and multilateral negotiations with Iran, after the inauguration of the new president Rouhani and avoid all provocative actions that could narrow the window of abilities for a more moderate policy Tehran «- said in a proclamation of American politicians, quoted portal

Creators of messages yet agree on the need to «use» of sanctions against Iran.

Appeal politicians appeared on the subsequent day after Israeli Prime Minister claimed the U.S. «to stop Iran.»

Rohani criticizes the Ahmadinejad. Vladimir Sazhin («Voice of Russia») knows that Hassan Rouhani criticized the actions of its predecessor.

Analysts say, the number of opponents always Rouhani discrimination ladies opposed «Islamic dress code.»

He also believes that the web should be no censorship. Rohani benevolence refers to the network «Facebook». He also proposes to transfer on Iranian television announcements «Bi-bi-si.»

Here are his words: «My predecessors have forgotten what freedom and individual rights.»

In domestic policy, the president stands for «polifrontalnost.» He believes that social unrest after the presidential elections in 2009 caused by the very fact that all state power concentrated in the hands of their own front-radical conservatives.

Rohani promised that develop a «Charter civilian freedoms» and release of political prisoners from jail.

Speaking of outdoor politics, Rouhani called for «constructive engagement» with the world. He is ready to do better things with the West and the Arab countries.

Rohani will be sworn in on August 3.

Israel, open to the world the truth! Eighteen Arab states, including Syria, sent a letter to the United Nations to contribute to the fact that the Israeli government has provided a report on its nuclear weapons, reports the channel «RT» citing «Associated Press».

The creators of the document concerned that Israel possesses a deadly weapon that does not fall under the control of international organizations, «Israel has a nuclear capability, which is not declared and therefore not covered by international regulation, presenting a constant threat to peace and security in the region.»

Representatives of the Arab countries want to raise this issue at the summit of the IAEA in September.

Hamas experienced another rocket. In recent weeks, Hamas held a series of missile tests M-75. Diameter 203 mm rocket, copying Iranian «Fajara-5», can reach Tel Aviv and its circles, reports

Ultimately, Hamas made a significant step toward restoring missile capabilities that existed other day operations «pillar of cloud.»

Israeli missile can reach Russia. According to political analyst Christopher Walker nedavneshnie measures test-firing long-range missiles are reticent warning of, if we take into account Moscow’s support of Syrian President transmits citing «Press TV» (Iran). Political scientist criticized the missile launches against Israel on the unfolding events in the Middle Vostokn, calling them «saber rattling.»

Channel resembles that on Friday, the Israeli military launched a missile from a base on the Mediterranean coast. The missile can carry a nuclear, chemical or biological warhead. Having range 5 thousand miles, it is able to reach Russia.

Comrade Walker pointed to Russia’s support for Syria’s government, noting that «the Russian, to put it mildly, does not reconcile with the fact that they are now (well, earlier) were in reach Israeli nuclear missiles.»

Israel approved the request of Egypt. Israel approved the request for issuance of Egypt to the Sinai Peninsula 2-infantry battalions. Servicemen will be located in the area of ​​Rafah and El-Arish, reports

Israeli commentators have noted that this request to approve Israel forced chaos in the Sinai Peninsula. The presence of such number of military in the border areas is not provided a peace treaty between the countries.

The Egyptian side proved request need to intensify the fight against terror, as tighter control over the border with Gaza.

About the new Egyptian government. Hazem al-Bablaui yesterday sworn in as interim president before Adly Mansour as the head of the transitional government of Egypt. The ceremony was held in the residence of the country «Al-Ittihad». Immediately sworn in and his cabinet ministers, transmit corr. ITAR-TASS Dean intoxication and Dmitri Tarasov.

The government — 35 ministers, including three vice-premiers. In a brand new government — three Christians (Copts) and three ladies. In the study no 1 representative from the «Muslim Brotherhood.»

«Brothers» responded to the ceremony at the presidential palace, saying that the swearing-in the interim government of Egypt — illegally.

«Our people shot in the head …» A week later, after the overthrow of the total came Mursi supporters distanced favorite murder — allegedly while sitting protest at the «elite army base» in Cairo. Reported on more than 50 dead and the wounded acres, writes Niall Bradley (; source translation —

«Our people shot in the head, the bullet exploded when entering the body, turning to mush internal organs and body parts,» — said the representative of the «Muslim Brotherhood» Gehad Hadad.

Military representative Ahmed Ali said that the security forces acted «in self-defense against armed men attacked them from different angles, including from the rooftops.»

But it is not clear just who was the arrow, the journalist said.

Witnesses they say that the army fired tear gas and warning shots just did. Fire led to the defeat of «bandits» (in plain clothes).

The identity of those who preferred a policy of lethal force may remain unknown.

«We beheld them in Tunis in 2011, we beheld them in Iran in 2009, beheld in Venezuela in 2002 and in Syria a day or up to the present. In protesting always shoot indiscriminately — usually in the head — to maximize mass panic and initiate infighting. «

«New York Times» published a few notes that shed light on this topic.

In the last presidential watch Mursi received a call from the minister of foreign affairs of one of the Arab states with the last sentence to end the confrontation with the country’s top generals. According to advisers, Minister of Foreign Affairs said that he was acting as an emissary of Washington, and asked whether Mursi agree with the mission of the new Prime Minister and Cabinet. The President said in the sense that it is better to perish.

Foreign policy advisor Essam el-Haddad left the room and called the U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson. Returning, he said, that read with national security advisor, Susan Rice, and that should happen a military coup.

«Mom just said that in an hour will end all games» — a text message with the text sent assistant employee, playing Egyptian nickname western country’s patron — ‘Mom in America. «

Sniper shootings by views journalist, serve one purpose: to make «adequate atmosphere of violence and instability», which will allow members of the ruling elite and their Egyptian counterparts in the United States and Israel dream hurt ordinary Egyptians about the incarnation of life in government, by the people.

Homosexuality Britain. A bill allowing gay couples to marry in England, passed in the lower house of the British Parliament. Now he needs to get royal assent, reports Trend. ITAR-TASS Gregory Zimenkov.

Critics of the bill in both houses of parliament believe that the move undermines the classical concept of marriage, and his supporters appealed to the idea of ​​equality.

How will this affect Russia? In July, President Putin signed a law banning adoptions by same-sex couples Russian kids. If the law on same-sex marriages entered into force, the inhabitants of England fail to adopt Russian children.

Ukrainian party «Freedom» to move headquarters Ukrainian Navy. As the «of» Ukrainian Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev signed a directive on the transfer of staff of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sevastopol to Kiev. This was told in «Freedom» party. MP from the «Freedom», a member of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense Sirotyuk Yuri said:

«Obviously, this step is not just weaken and undermine the military and political positions in Sevastopol and the Crimea, will lead to a decrease in the level of combat readiness and combat capability of the Ukrainian Navy.»

According to the MP, Minister Runtime directive — September-October. Svobodovets also said:

«Obviously, these hasty steps resident Kremlin indicate intent to surrender power Sevastopol and the Crimea. Indeed, in the presence of the Black Sea Fleet Sevastopol Staff Russian Federation control terminal of the Ukrainian Navy Sevastopol would mean a monopoly Russian fleet impact on military and political situation in Sevastopol and the Crimea. «

Ukrainian climate for NATO will not do. In western Ukraine, where NATO-led multinational exercise held «Rapid Trident — 2013″ 10’s troops were in the clinic. On it informs «,» referring to the «Komsomolskaya Pravda» in Ukraine. » The Ministry of Defense said that fighter malaise associated with acclimatization.

Earlier in the press reported that the clinic got half the 10-ka Romanian military — because of «food poisoning of unknown origin.»

In Argentina, the data flowed. Argentine Foreign Minister has asked the country’s prosecutor general to investigate the leakage of data. For special services unnamed country were electric-mail addresses and passwords officials, diplomats and parliamentarians, transfers «RT».

According «Impulso Baires», the leak became clear last week during a meeting of Governors of Mercosur in Uruguay. The representative of the 1st countries presented to the Minister of foreign affairs of Argentina envelope which contained «about 12 pages with names of officials, legislators, journalists and diplomats, their electric-mail address and appropriate passwords.» Foreign Minister informed about the incident Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, which, in turn, ordered the media say about it.

These data were obtained by special services of an unnamed country in the process of investigating the allegations of espionage against the authorities of that country. All hidden information has been transferred to some third country.

Earlier, it became clear that U.S. intelligence agencies have access to the mailbox management Bolivia. Evo Morales claimed the U.S. response for spying at the international level.

Comrade Maduro married. Venezuelan President married Celia Flores, with whom he lived for many years in the civilian marriage, reports Trend. ITAR-TASS Sergey Sereda.

«In accordance with the law and the Constitution we Celia yesterday legalized their relationship,» — said the head of the country. «I think it was a wise decision, even though the soul and we were already together, but such makarom decided to show an example of family ties,» — said the president.

Its relations Nicolas Maduro and Celia Flores should Chavez writes corr. ITAR-TASS. Coming out of the bullpen, where he was serving a sentence for attempted military coup, Maduro became the personal driver and bodyguard Chavez. Then he met Celia Flores, part of the number of lawyers who sought premature release Comandante.

Maduro and Flores were part of the management of the Movement of the Fifth Republic, which led Chavez to power in 1998, then they were elected to the State Assembly. Maduro in August 2006, resigned as speaker of parliament and headed the Foreign Ministry, and his wife of civilians has been elected Speaker and remained in that position until January 2011, then became Attorney General.

South American laws undermine public safety. U.S. Attorney General, Justice Minister Eric Holder said yesterday that the laws of self-defense led to violence using guns and death, reports Trend. RIA «Novosti» Alexei Bogdanovsky citing «Politico».

The statement was made against the background of the case of the murder of an unarmed black child Treyvona Martin, who was shot in 2012 by George Zimmerman. The jury acquitted Zimmerman. The verdict provoked protests from the African-American community. Not become silent and human rights organizations.

«It is time to question the laws that unnecessarily expand the concept of self-defense and wreaked terrible conflict in residential areas. Allowing and possibly encouraging the escalation of violent situations in public, these laws undermine public security «- said Holder, speaking in Orlando.

According to him, as a result, many innocent people are the victims. «We must critically discern the laws that cause more violence than they prevent,» — added the prosecutor general.

In Colorado, preparing to open the season on «drones.» The town of Deer Trail, Colorado longs to get a license to protect their own air space, or rather, to shoot … «drones.» Inhabitants have already made six-page petition in which the UAV called risk of «traditional South American ideas of freedom», reports «RT».

In Deer Trail 546 lives. Citizens want to defend its air space from the «drones» with rifles and pistols. Not enough already calculated and remuneration for downed «drones.»

For each UAV, collapsed with a damaged wing or fuselage, the arrow will pay 25 bucks. But for those that were hit, but there were virtually no damage, the authorities of the town will pay for 100 bucks. Downed drones become the property of the town.

Hunting license will cost only 25 bucks.

Claims for tapping. Human rights activists put the question of unconstitutionality of surveillance, identified Snowden. From mid-June in the U.S. recorded 5 appeals to the tribunal. Authorities will do everything to court cases have not been developed, they say lawyers, recalling that 70 lawsuits filed against the Bush administration, also allows for yourself wiretap were rejected, reports «RT».

In general, in cases filed under the influence of exposures Snowden, more chances than the past, as a public informant provided clear evidence that the surveillance of citizens truly underway. According to the views of professional Stephen Vladeck, a case of surveillance may be developed in the court and be reincarnated as a long-term battle between the supporters of the «security» and privacy, writes «Washington Post».

On the way the plaintiffs can get a serious obstacle, warns Washington lawyer Steven Bradbury: it will be hard to prove that wiretapping debate caused them some harm. A main argument Obama and intelligence agencies — the country’s security.

Snowden asked the FMS. To provide temporary shelter to the Federal Migration Service of Russia turned Edward Snowden. This was stated by a member of the Public Chamber, lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, noting that he has completed a meeting with the Yankees at the airport «Sheremetyevo», during which the appeal was made up. Knows about this Igor Saveliev («»).

«This is a statement he issued with me because there were very many legislative and legal issues, and this was his condition, because I came to meet him,» — said the coachman.

Earlier, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov recommend Snowden, recently asked asylum in Russia, seek help from the Federal Migration Service. In the FMS said that make out a cursory appeal analyst in the manner prescribed by law.

At the end of last week at a meeting with human rights activists at the airport Snowden announced the decision to seek political refuge in Russia. «I am only able to accept the proposal because of the inability of the RF out. I will not decide or plan actions that are harmful to the United States. I wish the United States for good «- he said.

U.S. neuvvyazkami scare Russia. Press Secretary of the White House spokesman Jay Carney said that the Russian-American relations may appear «long-term problems» if Moscow will not give the United States Edward Snowden. According to South American bureaucrat, the situation could jeopardize the economic relations and security relations, transmits the «RT».

«The Russian government has an opportunity to work together with us. This (case Snowden) should not be something that will provoke long prepyadstviya relations between the U.S. and Russia «, — said Carney, adding that the two countries are closely» linked among themselves on economic and security issues, «and that the South American side» wants to continue these things without consequences, which may result from this case. «

Earlier, the United States criticized Russia for a meeting with human rights activists Snowden at the airport «Sheremetyevo».

«Providing sovereign Snowden platform for propaganda is contrary to previous statements of the Russian authorities that they adhere to the neutral position and are kept under the control of his stay at the airport,» — said a few days of Carney earlier. Press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s response to it stated that «in a similar meeting he could not refuse, none of the countries in the world.»

Russian «spit on the United States.» Air «Fox News» Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security USA Michael McCaul expressed the view that the Obama administration should put pressure on Russia — on condition that E. Snowden has not received political cover. As reported by «RT», Congressman McCaul said Snowden threw the United States and continues every day endanger American national security.

«He swore allegiance to the United States, and now is trying to hide from our enemies. The very idea that he is in Russia … I am sure that Russian themselves from it in ecstasy. They just make fun of U.S. foreign policy «- said a Republican in the air« Fox News ».

McCall also expressed confidence that the Russian side pulls out Snowden’s secret information, which in itself is a good test of the outside of U.S. policy, which, according to the views of Congressman, America failed. «And I would smallish appreciated the work that the administration is now done,» — he said.

In addition, as McCall thinks, contrary to Snowden for himself, speaking in defense of freedom and seeking shelter «in the countries in which freedom is being trampled.»

These are what country? Republican referred to them: Our homeland, China and Venezuela.

McCall also said: «I think we should have all the probable pressure — economic, trade. I think that the «reset» relations with Putin was a mistake. It is clear that in this case it does not work, since we do not have diplomatic leverage in the case of Russia. They spit on the United States. «

By this hunt to add that in the U.S. with their full wiretapping, breaking up the meeting, the hidden observation of the press, drones in the sky, bloated budgets sixteen intelligence agencies overseen Natsrazvedkoy and wholesale purchase of ammunition and plastic coffins DHS, from liberty to remain one sculpture — as a dramatic reminder of those free days, which, according to historical rumored in the U.S. once had the place to be.

Snowden recommended to make a bear on a leash. Case of former intelligence officer dedicated a new survey from Western newspapers «Inopressa.» There are other versions of what could turn around the situation with a former employee of the CIA.

According to Vladimir Putin, he hopes that Snowden leave Russia as soon as possible faster. This writes the metropolitan correspondent «The Wall Street Journal». Putin is not willing to compromise the case with Washington.

Americans’ podnapugali all other countries, and no one wants to take no. And so makarom they actually do it is blocked on our territory, «Putin said.

Putin benefits from business «whistleblower» Edward Snowden — he was the joker of the Kremlin in the game with the U.S. and Europe, according to correspondents «Le Figaro» Laura Mandeville and Jean-Jacques Mevel. A significant part of the public welcomed his exposure, but Lenin cynically referred to his «useful idiot.»

Even if the Russian do not stand behind Snowden act until they win him on all counts, said source in European diplomatic circles. In this spy scandal almost all very unclear, that West dared to publicly declare the presence in it of «Russian trace», but as said Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, «that is suspicious, very suspicious.»

Revelation Snowden allow the Russian regime that protects and pursues Assad «Pussy Riot», partially recover moral authority, considered the creator of the article.

«July 12, 2013 came the greatest media event cool war», — said in a blog «The International Herald Tribune» journalist Masha Gessen. She is referring to a meeting with a group of Russians Snowden.

«In fact, representatives of human rights organizations such as genuine« Human Rights Watch »was much less than the representatives of agencies that are affiliated with the Kremlin is doing for the sake of propaganda attacks» — the article says.

Snowden said at the meeting that condemns the U.S. government spying for the Yankees. «Naturally, neither Snowden nor the dozens of people who recorded his statement under dictation, there was no reason to mention that our homeland routinely listens phones Russian people, leads around the clock surveillance of the opposition and sometimes publishes them shooting hidden camera in the most private places» — says Hesse.

The journalist writes that «the Russian propaganda machine does not extract as much benefit since 1971, when Angela Davis was tried for murder.»

In the German edition of «Die Welt» Jacques Schuster writes that in Russia Snowden does not threaten Washington interference with the use of force, and he predicts «the fate of British superspy Kim Philby, crossed in 1963 in Russian Alliance, where he died 25 years later in full alone. «

Nor in the web of espionage or spying powers for some other — far no news, notes blog «The Washington Post» journalist Sheila Weller. History Snowden, in her opinion, looked like a TV series.

Weller collected tips that give Snowden different people.

Astra Woodcraft, is virtually a prisoner of the Scientologists, Snowden recommends: «Do not smuschyaytes hiding in the ladies’ room — maybe there you will find in the least.»

Circus artist Etrella Berozini advises trick which was used by her colleagues in Nazi Germany: «Buy a scientist and catchy bear suit. When you’re on a leash bear, nobody looks at your face. «

Berozini forgot add, that in Russia there are bears on the streets here and there, and the brightest suits often flaunt all LGBT people, to which the main mass public sympathy do not feed.

«Atlas Vision». U.S. and Russia hold a joint military exercise Europe «Atlas Vision», which will be involved in the Army. It is reported by «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» citing ITAR-TASS.

The exercise will consist of 2-parts. 1st — command post exercises at battalion level. 2nd — field maneuvers on the platoon level.

Exercise will take place in Auerbach (Germany) from 18 to 22 July.

Antarctic tricks. Our homeland, perhaps overlaps vote on creating broader marine reserves in the Antarctic, which discussions are the meeting of the Commission on Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) in Bremerhaven (Germany), reports «Bi-bi-si.»

CCAMLR connects voedinyzhdy country specializing fishing in Antarctic waters. Participants of the meeting were to vote for the two proposals for the establishment of marine protected areas wide, but as pointed out by representatives of the German delegation, Our homeland casts oscillation legal framework for the creation of similar areas.

Managing applets biodiversity Global Fund Unleashed Nature (WWF), Vladimir Krever in an interview with «Bi-bi-si» explained that our homeland at the last meeting of the committee identified a number of issues and rationale why it is against the future development of protected areas within the borders of the Antarctic and those regimes that were offered. «Answers to these questions, satisfy Russia, and was not obtained. In other words, there is no reason for the configuration item «- says Comrade Krever.

Our homeland is not against the future development of specially protected areas in Antarctica, emphasizes Krever. But the proposed options put Russia at a disadvantage, depriving it of the waters to fish for toothfish.

«The current proposals for the forthcoming development of the network of protected areas not environmentally caused no boundary, neither on the proposed regime, nor even in a number of other characteristics. Several States has on the ground in Antarctica own exclusive economic zones of large quotas for toothfish, «- explained to» Bi-bi-si «employee stock feral nature.

Vladimir Krever pays attention to the fact that the restrictions are introduced on fishing in the Antarctic, of mandatory only for the member states of the respective agreement, «And many countries and are not included there. And it turns out that we are called to voluntarily abandon the harvesting of marine biological resources, despite the fact that they remain available for many countries — besides you can also just go to swim under the flags of third countries. If a country is not a member of this contract, wants to start catching toothfish there, it is no legal devices do not prohibit it. «

Cell phones for employees «Roscosmos»: 100 thousand rubles each. Enterprise «Roscosmos» phones purchased Russian-made M-663S protected from eavesdroppers. Each unit cost to the Federal Space Agency to 100 thousand rubles, transfers «RT» referring to «Izvestia».

Phones will use, namely, employees of the plant «Arsenal».

«The reason for this requirement was called growth leaks hidden information in the near future, also classify the substitution of communications equipment in the system,» Roscosmos «, — explained the source of» Izvestia «.

Phones M-633S produces «Scientific-Technical Center» Atlas «, which until 2008 was called» STC «Atlas» of FSB of Russia. «

Our homeland is rising. Russian economy took fifth place in the 10-ke global economies with a GDP PPP (purchasing power parity possible) to 3.4 trillion dollars. In 2011, Russia surpassed Germany with a GDP of 3.227 trillion dollars, while Russia’s GDP was 3.203 trillion dollars. Even earlier, in 2005, Our homeland occupied in the World Bank’s top eighth place, reports «RT» (source translation —

In the first place — USA (PPP GDP 15.6 trillion dollars); second — China (12.4 trillion dollars); on the 3rd — India (4.8 trillion. dollars); the fourth — Japan (4.5 trillion. dollars); on the 5th — Our homeland (3.4 trillion. dollars). Germany stands in the list of the second (3.3 trillion dollars).

The report was posted last week on a yearly ranking of GDP.

World Bank also updated rating of the level of gross national product per capita. It Our fatherland fell into a block of nations with a «high-income» — with annual income of the individual to 12,616 thousand dollars or above.

Ranking of the World Bank differs from the rankings, compiled by the IMF. The latter is considered the eighth Russian economy with a GDP of $ 2 trillion dollars.

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin


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