Russian Defense Ministry denies atrocities

"Katyn" — political agitation in support of today’s Polish radicals "- wrote in the pages of" To the glory of the motherland "someone Kozhevnikov and continues: -" The position of this: the Russians in the "indebted" to the descendants of Polish officers captured during the liberation campaign of the Red Army in the Western Belarus and Western Ukraine. "movie with his" fierce hatred of the Red Army, "as vysnovvae creator, cut and sewn by" patterns gebelsavskay propaganda. "
At gunpoint critics military researcher — the famous Polish film filmmaker Andrzej Wajda’s "Katyn", which is narrated in the murder of thousands of Polish officers and civilians in the Katyn forest in 1940. There was also destroyed and Wajda’s father, so that the director had a personal motive to explore a closed topic for decades. Incidentally, the film was nominated for "Oscar" as the best foreign film.
Meanwhile Kozhevnikov own assures readers that no matter the shooting Poles Russian KGB had, and doing it Tipo fascist invaders …
Historian Igor Kuznetsov looked film "Katyn", presented as an excuse. And to refute what he saw he had no reason:
"I watched Wajda Film historian eyes. Although this feature film, but I would refer to artistic and documentary. Indeed, over the base taken diaries — How is the procedure execution, both in Poland and in other countries suppressed this problem. All fully correspond to reality, and I’m ready to start what ever controversy that this feature film based on facts, which had place. Especially since Wajda’s father was shot there, and it’s his soul passed. This is largely achieved by means of sensual moments associated with the video, but I can tell exactly: full documentary base is the way it was. The action took place in secret, and about her long years no one knew. "
Kozhevnikov leads his argument that the murder of Poles did not deal people from the NKVD: "If indeed the KGB plotted to kill the prisoners, they would spend the trains to the East. There begins a day or three places where witnesses could become only bears the graves would not find in the XXI century. Trying to cover their tracks, the NKVD did everything, places to executions remained unknown "- expresses abaznanasts created publication.
Researcher Leonid period of Stalinist repression Mariners states that the criteria indiscriminate repression Cheka was nothing to fear — their actions were controlled by the Kremlin:
"And for what? For example, Kurapaty — this is not Siberia. Taken just a few miles and shot 10s of thousands. Same as in this case, in the Smolensk region. Not going anywhere they export. When exported, then transported to a concentration camp, and not in order to shoot somewhere. somewhere to take out 10s of thousands of people, we need huge costs. Because there was a sense to export to a concentration camp, so people donated work and give some profit. Because it is natural that the NKVD shot . Who else in 1939-1940 could shoot? Only these Stalinist butchers who massacred millions of people — hundreds of thousands of Belarusians, Poles, Ukrainians and Balts. Exclusively in Minsk in 1937, shot more than 10 thousand people. So for them 10-20 thousand people kill — is commonplace thing … "
First, the 1990 Russian Union recently recognized management and archival documents, facts confirmed the massacre of Polish officers by the NKVD. Were declassified Politburo protocols in which to sanction the murder of Polish officers. Because, according to the historian Igor Kuznetsov, an attempt to historical revision — it is the intention of the Katyn tragedy again let the mainstream Russian research time:
"It is necessary to regard this publication do not like some harsh statement, as in the publication" yellowish "press. Which is based on fictions, according to Russian side while working Burdenko Commission in 1944. But even in the time of perestroika, Gorbachev gave lists of Polish army officers shot on the territory of Russia. Ukrainian side handed lists five thousand shot. And Belarus is not only voiced these lists. This fact is not disputed by anyone in the world! And vorachivatsya Release Academician Burdenko in the XXI Century — for which it mattersetsya? To show their absolute ignorance or stupidity problem. Simply duplicated the Soviet version of the model in the context of Russian history, which we now have there. "

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