Russian experts: In Gazprom more likely to win the case

According to the representative of the Russian independent consulting company "2K Audit — Business Consulting" Dr. Ivan Andrievskii, "If it still goes to court, chances to win it at Gazprom, no doubt, more. Arguments Belarusian side look much weaker. "
According to Dr. Ivan Andriievskii, court danger — ordinary component similar negotiations. The expert believes Belarus wish to experience delay the transition to European prices.
"At the same time find its position of Belarus decided now — said Andrievskii. — Hardly Minsk will persist in maintaining debt, which was formed at the moment. But, for sure, still try to raise the price of transit. Apparently, the main task will be forthcoming calculation formula for gas. "
Meanwhile in his own commentary on the website Russian expert Vladimir Nikitin refers to the application of gas workers in the same "criminal zhlobstvo" as "delay unification of both countries by the Russian and Belarusian elites." He believes that such statements do not take into account the geopolitical interests of Russia.
"Russian gas — a severe impact tool and significant argument for pragmatic cooperation, — says the expert. — But when it comes to geopolitics, all these reasons should stand aside. Our peoples have not for the gas company" Gazprom ", although almost everything and thanks to him. While this is actually the only factor that overshadows our business. A similar zhlobstva from our gasmen criminal as criminal association delay by the elites of both countries.’s hard to be a patriot with a similar attitude. "

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