Russian N.Kostyshev reached the retrial

The main event, on the basis of which Nicholas Kostyshev and his lawyer Olga Baranchik sought reconsideration of the case — the lack of a convict at the hearing and his neinfarmavanasts that about him began a criminal investigation. The charges were based on written testimonies citizen who has long been recognized that slandered Kostysheva. To achieve a retrial, Kostyshev held three long hunger strike, any — more than a month. Knows the wife of Nicholas Catherine:
Kostysheva: "It affects the hunger strike. Was depressed. Letters from him I did not get nearly 2 months."
But, having received an annulment, Nicholas immediately wrote to relatives and spouse.
Kostysheva: "I learned from the letter if. May 31 I received a letter in which he said that Vitebsk tribunal overturned the verdict and will be a retrial."
Reporter: "What hope — and you and he?"
Kostysheva: "The fact that the sentence would be revised. The fact that the case will be canceled by the respective law."
Lawyer Nicholas Kostysheva Olga Baranchik appealed against the verdict, before reaching the Supreme Court of Belarus. Results were not — say, the case was considered by the law shaped as letters. Meant to be received by the Chairman of the Supreme Court in February. But the meeting failed. For annulment, for which struggled learned from relatives of Nicholas, it did not officially said:
Ram: "I do not know any reason, nothing. First deputy chairman of the court Kalinkovich refused me appease complaints. But the protest was brought by the chairman. I do not have a paper that would be clarified, what were the grounds on which was brought protest, I do not know what to recommend to the court to pay attention when reviewing the case. "
But, according to the views of counsel, the reasons were are obvious — the same that she mentioned in each own complaint.
Ram: "The fact that he was charged in absentia, we have already learned. But, in addition, he had the ability to specify what that read as those who blamed him — a violation directly. "
The organizing committee for the creation of the Belarusian Committee in protecting prisoners’ rights "over the barrier" circulated an appeal to human rights defenders and journalists to be on retrial Vosha court, which will be held in late June. One of the committee members Timofei Dranchuk believes that the victory of justice celebrate early:
"Publicity — this is important in all cases where rights are violated, and in particular — the rights of prisoners. Because Kostyshev hunger strike three times, and the media to disseminate information about this, judges were required to take a decision on annulment. And because" over the barrier " addresses journalists and human rights activists called for a retrial to be at, so this illegal sentence was not repeated — just nominally in the presence of the convicted person. "
Nicholas Kostyshev to January 22, 2006 is in the correctional colony number 1 in Minsk. The sentence was handed down in absentia Kostysheva Tribunal Orsha Orsha district. The Tribunal reasoned consideration of the criminal case without the presence of the accused is afterdny hiding from the court. Meanwhile Kostyshev was in Belarus, lived at his residence, took advantage of mobile communication. In step investigation was on first demand of the investigator. Was arrested six months after sentencing.

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