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Ryhor Baradulin Ushachchine was born in 1935. He — the last of those who had the honor of national poet of Belarus. In This year — 55 years since the first time Baradulin published his poems — the first publication was in "the Red Change." From the pen of Gregory Baradulin out almost 70 books of poetry. Baradulinskiya lines translated into 31 languages. In 2006 Gregory Baradulin nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature.
On this week, which fall days of birth and destruction of Vasil Bykov (19 and 22 June), Ryhor Baradulin as public editor instructed reporters, "Freedom" designed to prepare the transfer of certain subjects, "Bulls and the world." It will be aired on Friday. Gregory And he Baradulin times a day knows how remembered him Vasil Bykov.
Now — about the relationship Bykov to humor.

— Bykov was a man with humor. Very narrow. Benevolent. Deep.
That’s how much Bykovskikh samples from memory: "The main anecdote century — communism." Or: "The view of literature — activity". Or: "National Communists wish to change to a double-breasted suit with a shirt embroidered national." On our famous architect: "Zaire Azgur born a Jew and died a communist." And if you control the Writers’ Union has hinted that there is a place academician, relaxed Bulls looked at him and threw only: "Are you serious?" It was enough, so he instantly fell behind. Or these words of Basil: "Why we are not about the past a lot of know? Poor informers were, besides the main they are illiterate …"
Bykov was inimitable internal grin. Hidden … His eyes shone so insidious twinkle …
Adored Vasily joyful, although outside looked fierce. About 1st our friend read: "This is a big disaster in humans: has the right to on individual machines to a The Supreme Council goes, but The Supreme Council just front of the house — well, just a disaster! "
It is no coincidence adored and clever funny stories.
Since we joined Vasil before Usha ground, her tongue. Those inimitable words he is very fond of. That is why he often sang Usha our papevki, that he remembered Ushachchina, homeland.
If the Bulls were in exile, then he even sang our lullaby. I remember on the phone in Prague this tune:
Luli, Luli, Luli,
Went cat figs
Frostbite feet,
Jumped on the tent.
Steel legs warm,
Rink where to go?
Steel feet dry,
Rink need to die …
Bath will drown,
Foot rink soars …
Foot rink soars
Rink tail edit …

I read Bykov and epigrams. For example, this:
Why debate
What counts?
Gilevich — lanky,
And the Bulls — great!

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